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I don't think that ZPC Gaming is a legitimate business.

I twice contacted them via e-mail to see if their PNY SSDs would work in my older HP PC. I never received a reply. Finally, I simply ordered the SSD after researching the system requirements and feeling confident I could simply replace my HHD w/ the SSD.

After placing my order, I did not receive an e-mail confirmation. Checked the junk folder of my e-mail, too.

I called ZPC Gaming five days after I ordered the SSD to check on the status of my order. Phone went straight to voicemail and the outgoing message did not even identify the name of the business. Did not hear back fro ZPC Gaming the day I left my phone message.

I am going to request my credit card company not pay ZPC Gaming for the SSD I ordered. If they've already paid, I will file a fraud claim.

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I bought a computer from these guys for $4000 and it came to me broken. They didnt put any protection on the inside of the computer so of course the 4080 ti graphics card got ripped out of the motherboard. It took them 2 months to build, 1 month to send a new box, I returned it and asked for a refund (they didnt respond to me for 2 months), then I called my my bank to dispute the charge and they tried to say that it was my fault. I ended up winning the case, and they got their broken computer back.

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Tried to order a 2tb NVME SSD with Windows 11 preinstalled as advertised on their website and their Walmart seller page twice. The first time, I got a reply from ZPC saying they'd try and figure out what happened but the SSD never came and I got a refund from Walmart.

Thinking it was just a fluke, I tried ordering it again through Walmart, as their customer Service is actually solid and I knew I'd be able to get a refund if the same issue happened again.....which it did. This time, I never got a single reply from ZPC, even though we had a private back and forth from the first order and the guy seemed genuine.

Essentially, this guy is a fraud and I've reported his profile on Walmart and they've said they're going to revoke his seller access. Luckily I didn't lose any money, but I still don't have my SSD.

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Sold a computer that doesn't turn on, and ZPC Gaming refused to speak to me and has since deleted their email address. $1000 for a paperweight.

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