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purchased 2 sets blades for my Norelco from windy winter this scumbag co. picture on bag was not the same as in the bag, wont fit. took 3 weeks to get them 2 answer the phone . after several email from them they said getting a $17,41 refund was going to b next to impossible. they offered me a $3.00 refund and told me to give them to someone that could use them. this co. was on walmarts list of companies they use, when you call this co. you will talk to a women that cant even talk very little English..told her where she could sitx my $3.00 refund.

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Very bad product very bad customer service overall ZERO STAR.....

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Do NOT buy from this company. I ordered an electronic pet toy and they sent me a small cheap light. They have NOT given me a refund (as they said they'd offer a partial refund in lieu of returning.

WalMart should REMOVE this seller from their website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I ordered a perimeter collar for my dog. My order was placed on June 14th. In the confirmation email I received it stated that I would receive my package on June 22. I was fine with this timeline as I did not pay for express shipping. However, I did not receive my order until June 28th. (A full 2 weeks after ordering.) Upon receiving the collar, I read the directions (as much as I could because they were mostly in Chinese) and put the adapter and the receiver on to charge for 4 hours as per the instructions. Then I unplugged the receiver and tested it to check the strength with the testing device included in the package. It showed there was no activity. Not knowing if it would only give me a signal if I was at the edge of the perimeter I walked out into the yard as far as the adapter was set and tried again. Still no activity. I took it back inside, plugged it back up, and left it to charge overnight. The next day still no signal. The following took place:

June 29th, 5:30pm - I sent an email to their customer service dept to make them aware of the problem and find a solution. I made it clear I wasn't looking to just get my money back. I wanted the product I purchased, I just wanted one that worked. I also included my order number, confirmation number, and a picture of the delivery tag in the email.

June 30th, 1:00pm - they emailed me back and asked me to send a short video showing the problem I was having.

July 2nd, 5:12pm - I emailed the requested video.

July 6th, 11:37pm - I emailed again asking for a response.

July 6th, 11:37pm - received automated response that they would get back to me within 24 hours.

July 8th, 9:04pm - received response requesting sales order number. (Which I had already sent.)

July 8th, 9:24pm - I responded with sales order number.

July 9th, 6:08am - received the SAME email I received on the 30th, requesting a video of the problem.

July 9th, 7:43am - I responded with the video and yet another explanation.

July 10th, 2:51am - received automated response that they received my last email.

July 11th, 2:20pm - I emailed them back asking for a response.

July 12th, 6:55am - received response telling me to hold down the power button and try it again. **Note** This had been done TWICE in the video I had already sent them.

July 12th, 7:50am - My response: "I have done that multiple times. IT WILL NOT TURN ON."

July 12th, 11:47PM - They responded and asked me to send the item back to them along with a 20% restocking fee...OR...I could just accept an 80% refund. (How sweet of them...)

July 13th, 7:20am - My response: "Absolutely not...I need a full refund. If I need to get my attorney involved in this matter just let me know."

July 13th, 12:21pm - They said they'd issue a full refund in 3-5 business days, but asked me if I could do them a favor and leave them positive feedback (or no feedback) on their website. (This company is full of comedians I tell ya...)

July 13th, 12:43pm - I told them I would decide on feedback after my refund was back in my account.

July 13th, 11:26pm - They responded again..."Appreciate that leave us POSITIVE feedback or no feedback,thanks."

Aug 1st, 7:54pm - I emailed them back because I STILL HAD NOT RECEIVED MY REFUND and was about to take legal action...

Aug 2nd, 5:04am - Received email from and from my bank that my refund had gone through.

Aug 2nd, 5:12am - They responded that they had already sent my refund and instructed me to check my account.

Aug 2nd, 10:03am - My response: "MAGIC! After 20 DAYS of waiting it appears in my email and in my account 8 MINUTES before you respond to me that it's already there."

Aug 3rd, 2:25am - They don't get sarcasm...they told me to check my account should be there. *facepalm*

The moral of the story, if you do make the mistake of ordering anything from this company, go ahead and threaten legal action from the beginning. They move much faster after you say those words. You're welcome.

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Scammers. Thought it was sold by Wal-Mart. Product didn't work. Now stuck with it.

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*****Do Not Buy From This Seller**** they sell garbage and make it impossible to get a refund!

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Agree with prior reviews. Similar experience.

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Bait and switch. I ordered a product that had 10 cabinet knobs listed, and ordered two packages. They sent 2 knobs, which look very, very tacky. Now the listing is 'no longer available.' Do not order from this vendor!!

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PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THIS "COMPANY." Total garbage. Wish I would have read all the reviews first. These people are bait-n-switch scammers. I ordered something clearly listed as one size and got something much smaller. Their answer when confronted?

"Thanks for the info you provided, I contacted our sales person about that, and we confirm our salesperson made a mistake when making the product listing.

Actually what you received is right.

I will contact with our sales person to change the listing . Do really sorry to you. And we promise never make the same mistake.

Is the item useful to you?

In order to save your time and money and as your satisfaction is important to us, how about we refund you $5 without returning it back to us?"

Um, how about NO. The item they sent is listed for $15-$20 less than what I paid...and they want to offer just a $5 refund? Anyway, I am venting. Point is, please do not order from them.

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Bought a pink keyboard and mouse. Took two weeks to get it and it was a pink keyboard with a blue mouse. Keyboard doesn't work. Contacted them and they want pictures. Sent pictures. Then they want a video of the keyboard not working. So I sent it. Then they come back and tell me the blue mouse will not work with a pink keyboard. Well no kidding that was what I told them in the original email. They so sorry they will give me a 40% refund and I don't have to return the non working product or I can pay to return it and they will decide when they get it back if I get a refund. At this point I am not interested in playing their game anymore and told them so. They offered 60% refund with same conditions. So I opened a claim with my credit card and told them I want a full refund and if they want their product back they better send me a label. I got my full refund and they sent me a label. All of this over 26 bucks. I guess most people just give up. Not me. Do not buy from these people.

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DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER - what a ripoff. Bought a Sweater cardigan. What I received was a top that was made with less quality than a Tshirt. Windy Winter said they would give me a two dollar credit. After numerous emails, the next suggestion was maybe I could give it to a friend as a gift. What kind of a business is this? Why does Walmart allow this to happen? Everyone here has had a horrible experience. Why does Walmart allow this to continue to happen? Time for a BBB report. They don't even deserve one star.

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This company posted a pic of some pink chair covers. The description read chairs covers and I was shipped pedals. They admitted that the sales rep made a mistake and instead of shipping me the correct item they offered to refund me because the product was mysteriously out of stock. They actually had the item posted twice with different cost. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. You will not get what you paid for.

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Waited 16 days for a humidity gauge. A package came with 3 white flat pieces of plastic in the bag????? What now they want pictures of what I got.. Takes them 2 days to respond each time they ask me for more and more. Over a $7. item They suck

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Received faulty none working battary bank. 5 days worth of emails and all they can do is a refund of 6 dollers.

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Paid $6 shipping, still took a week and a half to get my item. Walmart customers need to avoid this seller.

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Not happy with the product at all. Bad bery bad.

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Worst company. Would leave negative star if I could. They will not give you a refund for inferior merchandise stating “how about $2 for $17 item so you don’t have the hassle of returning”. Walmart should drop them.

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Complete scam of a company. I ordered a good smart watch which not only was meant for use in CHINA, but had a defective sim card slot. They pretend to not understand me and won't assist me with a refund. They told me to gift it to someone else. WTFFFF!?! SCAM!!

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Guess I should have googled the company prior to ordering. I thought since they were on Wal-Mart website, they would be a good company to order from. WRONG! I have been waiting on my order 2 weeks past the date I was told it would be delivered. I request a refund and have seen it or heard from the company nor products that I ordered. Will not be ordering from this company and recommend no one else order from them as well. I'm second guessing ordering anything from Wal-Mart also.

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