Based on 10 customer reviews Sunrise Mall is rated 1.0 out of 5. They have been selling on Walmart Marketplace since 2016. They sell Nintendo, HP, Oculus, Acer and Sony products in Shop by Brand, Electronics and Video Games categories.

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You listed an item that isn't even sold or made. There is no such thing as what you have advertised on Walmart's website. I was stupid enough to buy it. Then when you click on the item and return the screen changes to what I actually got. Very smart but you got caught. I will be reporting you to the better business bureau and Walmart shame on you it's Christmas

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If you ever see their name pop up as the vendor, do yourself a favor and find what you need from a different vendor. They don't ship items, they don't communicate, you try calling them and their mailbox is full and they won't answer the phone. How Walmart associates themselves with vendors like this is beyond me. Avoid Sunrise Mall at all costs.

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This seller is a scam. DO NOT purchase from them.

We ordered Nintendo Switch Console and we received a confirmation email (receipt) says that we will receive a Nintendo Console with 3 games.

Now the seller replied to the email says we will only receive a console with only 1 game but the price stays the same. So we replied to the email and requested to cancel, it's been 3 days there is NO email reply. They don't even pick up the phone so we left the message, NO reply to that.

We had to call Walmart customer service 3 times and explained the situation, they finally canceled the order for us. This seller is a scam. DO NOT buy from them. You will end up calling customer support many times to finally cancel it. DO NOT waste your time.

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I've been waiting for a laptop to be delivered tomorrow but has not even been sent out for delivery yet.

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I wish I had read these reviews before making one of the biggest mistakes in my life as a consumer. Ther advertised 32 GIG RAM, which is why I paid more money than what the Walmart stored was charging. It was the stock 16 GIG RAM, just like Walmart's HP machine.

Things I have learned here.

1 - Avoid Sunshine Shopping Mall like the Corona Virus!

2 - Don't use Walmart for big-ticket transactions online until they can employ some kind of seller rating system that must be earned by the companies as eBay does!

3 - Ban Sunshine Shopping Mall from taking advantage of more people!

4 - Use and make sure you click 'Buy on Google' since they protect their consumers, which is most likely why my item didn't show up on their search.

I have to use Walmart for necessary items, although I have switched much of that to Target even though it costs a bit more.

I had to swallow even more pride to write this because now I have to give them a star.

There should be a ZERO STARS choice!

Now that I'm through with them, I can go back to writing the complimentary reviews that I enjoy doing much more.

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Terrible, Horrible, dirty, no good people. Completely priced gouged their product, did send full order and voice mail full. Did not/ would not respond to emails not Walmart constant calls to get ahold of them.. this person should be taken out of business. SCAM ARTIST

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I am very dissatisfied with this company and will let me friends know to never order anything from them cause they lost my order and haven’t contacted my personally to find out what I want to do.

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This company is full of it I ordered from Walmart not knowing that I really ordered through them I ordered my daughter a HP Laptop that I received a few days before Christmas which was Damaged when she opened the box the screen had a ink at the bottom like the ink was bleeding & Has had numerous of pop ups like it has a virus I contacted & the said it was nothing they could do I will not be purchasing non of these products again

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I bought an HP PC from, but discovered that it was really from MarketPlace, where this company is a seller.

The PC was delivered with NO RAM chips and NO CPU.. I sent the PC to HP Support to have the RAM installed, only to have t hem tell me that I now owed them 400 dollars for the work. I said dont bother, and had them send me the PC back. I went to Walmart to return the PC, only to find that the order was not in their systems because I really didnt buy it from Walmart after all, but from Marketpkace.

I checked out the web page from this company, after finding out that it was this company that I really bought the PC from. They dont except returns after 15 days. The PC was at HP for 15 days..

So, Marketplace wont except the PC back either, because the number of return days is passed.

I have no recourse now but to have the PC fixed at a personal cost to me..

Dont EVER buy a PC from this company. In fact, dont buy one from You are NOT actually buying it from Walmart. I rate this vendor a 1.

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Bad company that buys up sale products, shorting the public, then resales for over double the price. Why in the world would let them sell on their site?

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