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At Christmas time I order some light up Ornament bulbs never received.

Email them. The response was it was

Delivery. At this point I had to call PayPal to receive my refund. They no longer would respond.

I did a second order the next couple of days realized that I didn't have enough Ornaments. Received some not working. Reaching out once again by

Email no response. Called number on website leaving a message. Dana Email ed me with return information stating once I send the tracking number I will receive a refund. Never happen! They

Would not answer emails or calls. This time I order with my bank card. Big mistake.. capital one reach out to sokool sisters. The response was prove of delivery. I had already sent the Ornaments back. Sokool Sisters have there Merchandise and my refund.

On the Sokool Sisters website nothing

But good reviews. Google reviews are real. We never buy from Sokool Sisters AGAIN!

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I ordered a wall clock on January 17th, money out of my account on the 18th. Didn't receive clock until Feb 2nd and it arrived broken. I immediately sent an email and received a message back the next day that said they had to contact the company it came from to get a return authorization. Said they would contact me the next day. I waited until the 8th to ask the status and as of the 13th have not received an email back. This clock was a gift and arms are broken and do not move. This is not good business. We are a month in now and I guess they do not care about their patrons. I have began disputing this transaction with my bank with all the documentation. Do not use these ladies, just find the original item from the store itself. If I could rate a -5, I most definitely would!!!

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Major issues with company.

Ordered 3 items and received 1 which was the wrong item - emailed sokool sisters they sent me address to send back so I did.

Waited for other item which they kept sending me updates that they were mailed out, never arrived. I emailed them back and they said I received them - I disagreed with them so they checked and seen the ware house never shipped out, received another item and it was the wrong thing again - I was told in an email to keep it and they send correct one out and also said the 3 item was set for delivery in a few days, I asked about the item I returned and was told sense I didn’t FedEx it with tracking number they probably wouldn’t receive it and I had no proof I sent it back.

I then had enough of the B.S games called my card company and put in a dispute about charges and company - I was credited back to my account.

Next day sokool sisters emailed me saying they got the dispute from my card company and were pist off in email - blaming me for my order, saying I received the correct items and so on - it was a threading email to me from them saying there sending all the emails to my card company, I told them the same thing in a response email and included that I was also printing them off so they could see all the to and from emails. They aren’t happy with me now - they are a scam company, there mailing sucks, nothing good to say about them at all

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I tried to purchase a phone case on 12/14 for a Christmas gift. It was never shipped. I emailed on 1/2 and 1/5 someone responded saying sorry this was missed (however they didn't miss the payment as it was promptly posted). I asked for it to be shipped immediately with confirmation or refunded on 1/5. On 1/8 after another email from me, I received an email with the shipping address, but no confirmation. I wrote back on 1/8 asking for confirmation and have not heard. I have since disputed this claim on my credit card bill and will continue to post terrible reviews as this business has bamboozled me and my poor nephew who the gift was for.

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I have been waiting on my package to be delivered. Tracking said it was in transit, then when I followed up, was told it was not sent yet due to issue with my payment, but they took my payment at the time I made the order! Called Amazon, tracking info is not in their system. I have emailed, and left messages, with only a few responses. But no responses letting me know what is actually going on with my package. I will never use Sokoolsisters again!

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I've been waiting for my package to be shipped. It's a Christmas present. I keep getting the run around. They deducted the money from bank account. I have emailed, texted and call left messages. No call back mo response. I will never purchase from this company again.

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Don't order from this company order show a complete delivery still missing one item. The company claims it's being shipped separately and should be arriving any day a week later. I'm still missing the item, and now I'm not getting a response from the company itself. Don't waste your time or money order from a legitimate company.

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I am terribly disappointed in sokol sisters. I bought a phone case on September 7th 2023 and I have yet to receive it. I have emailed, instagram messaged and only gotten a couple of responses. None of which tell me if my purchase is on its way or if I can plainly get a refund....

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