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Terrible company and customer service!! Ordered from Walmart, a case of rice which was clearly listed as a case with 12 packs. Package came with one pack of rice and I contacted them to have it corrected and they said nope it’s just one pack so I sent screenshots of their listing which showed where it said 12 packs of rice in case and got no response and never sent out the case of rice. Complete crooks!

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This is a terrible company. They are not honest in their policies and not friendly in their customer service.

Walmart made a huge mistake joining with this company.

Buyer beware!

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This is seller is terrible. I ordered a 12-pack of Tony Packo’s pickles from Walmart where they were the third-party seller. The first order disappeared at the shipping facility when it arrived in my state, so Walmart refunded it. I made a second order and it just arrived and they only sent me 4 jars!! Where are my other 8 jars!!!!!!! Scam artists!!!

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I did not order salad dressing from walmart although walmart says I did. It got delivered to my house from Now and walmart both will not help with this return. says they will let me return it but I have to pay shipping!!! How is this even allowed? I DID NOT order this and I am left paying for something I did not order or pay shipping to return! Absolutely ridiculous!!! I will give only 1 star since there is not a ZERO star rating.

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Don’t waste your time and money with I had horrible experience ordering Turkish delight with They just take your money but don’t send you the item. I asked them to send me the shipping information for two weeks but they never respond. Luckily PayPal refunded my money after I filed fraud. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SELLER

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This company sent me nearly expired items. They do not care to make it right. Be careful what you purchase from Walmart. Check who they are getting their products from.

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This company is offering a 10oz box of Feel Good Foods gluten free pot stickers on the Walmart site for $103.90. That’s 9 potstickers for $103.90. I’m assuming they hope somebody will accidentally order them. Very shady. Their stars claim the company has great reviews but if you read…good luck finding anybody with a good experience.

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Interesting how on the Walmart site this group has high ratings, clearly not reality. My own experience was one of minimal communication (no automated notifications to me) and when things go south (which they do) there is no communication from them until you get Walmart involved. If there was a zero rating this would be the one.

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I ordered Mezzetta peperoncini 16 oz 6 pack I received a case of red wine vinegar (who needs that much red wine vinegar?) Was refunded through Walmart. Second attempt for peperoncini I received a 12 pack of blackberry Hint water. Ironically the Hint water was labeled Mezzetta peperoncini 16oz 6 pack, contacted Wal-Mart again they forwarded an email to for a replacement of the correct item. I wonder what I will get this time! Would be minus stars if possible.

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Would give 0 stars if possible.. ordered powdered goats milk for homemade formula for my daughter and received 24 cans of live pop ... I have yet to hear back on the company I need my money back asap so I can order the stuff I needed a week ago !!

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Ordered a 6 pack of Smokey Horseradish though WalMart. It apparently was to come from shopGourmet. The latest is that it is reported damaged... so I'm getting a refund. What actually happened is that they sent me 4 16oz packages of almond flour. Actually packaged in a box that said it was almond flour all over the box!!!!!!! It was actually it's almond flour box!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2nd attempt they sent me UPS tracking number for VERMONT!!!!! I'm in Arizona..... 3rd attempt order was put in once AGAIN, tracking number never came as promised. Imagine that. When I contacted them once again, I was told that the order did not go through... So they were refunding my money....which I have yet to see.. but realistically they are still in their window with that. BUT WHAT THE HECK????!!!!!! Very disappointed. If WalMart is trying to compete with Amazon, Amazon has nothing to worry about. And who are anyway? I'd sure not recommend them. Very disappointed.

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I want my Kuhne Garlic Pickles now!

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