Based on 3 customer reviews Refurbished for Less is rated 1.0 out of 5. They have been selling on Walmart Marketplace since 2016. They sell Apple, Sony, HP, Dell and Nintendo products in Electronics, Seasonal and Shop by Brand categories.

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I bought a Petchatz webcam system for my dog and decided to return it after 2 days as I realized I was never going to use it and it was very expensive. I returned everything in the original box, with the return postage, and a few days later I receive days later I received a refund for $140, HALF, of what i paid just a week prior. It said i have a 30 day return policy and i returned it within a week. Walmart customer service tried calling them but nobody answered. Ive been calling multiple times since yesterday and nobody answers. It just says, I'm sorry nobody is available to take your call.

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They sell used phones advertised as new. I bought an iPhone7 Plus from them in January 2019. The description clearly stated that it was a *New* phone. In the Q&A section, someone asked if it was new and again, the answer was "It's a new phone". I bought it and it arrived in a generic box with no paperwork. I took it to the Apple store near my home and they looked up the serial number and said the phone was originally sold back in 2016 and is way out of warranty! To their credit, the return process was easy. But this seller is deceptive.

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Called today January 9th 2019, at around 11:25 PM.

Bought an iPhone from them, as a Christmas present, and it arrived broken.

Called and spoke to a very rude woman who asked me "what took so long". She didn't offer help, she just was scolding me.

So I asked her if she was going to help me if I explained what took so long, or if she was just giving me a lecture.

She said, "well, I was going to give you a refund, but due to your attitude, I'm not doing anything."

And then she hung up on me.

I'm now on the phone with Walmart to report this terrible seller. Do not buy from these people. I have never been treated so rude.

The chick that answered the phone is a total C You Next Tuesday.

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