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This review is not about this specific product, nor Walmart, it’s about the marketplace supplier Power In Cloud; I ordered the Sideboard Buffet Dinning cabinet on 9/18/2018 through, item arrived on 9/26/2018.

The box condition looks very poor. After open the box, I realize almost every piece of the board has crack, dent, or scratch; also, it missing two pieces of board, and almost all of the accessories such nuts and screws, legs, door hinges…

It is OK to accept a return item, but they have to do a completed quality check before put on resale.

Immediately I contacted Walmart customer service, they submitted a claim to the supplier for me, also provided their phone# at California. I called their phone#, but all I got is voice mail, no live person to answer. I left voice mail, no one call me back anyway.

Seems like their office is at an opposite time zone, they respond one e-mail a day, always at around 2AM midnight:

9/26 Night, they ask for a few photos, I send them right away;

9/27 Night, they ask if I can ship this item back (they provide shipping label), then send me a new one; I respond it can’t be done because it’s too heavy, with broken box, unless they can arrange pickup;

9/28 Night, they agree to arrange a pickup, ask if I agree;

9/29 Night, they ask if Monday or Tuesday will work; I respond only evening.

9/30 Night, they ask if Friday is good for pick up, I respond with suggestion of Thursday;

No more response anymore.

Walmart issue a full refund to me, but the pile of pieces lay in my dining room a week now, I have to pay waste company to take them away.

I don’t know what to say, just be careful to stay away from this company. Walmart has to do better job to watch their marketplace supplier in order not to ruin their reputation.

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Ordered an item and THERE ARE PIECES MISSING! I can’t believe Walmart supports thugs fraud. His is why amazon is way better than Walmart now. Now I look at Walmart as a scam to allow fraudulent sellers to make money with their support. This is wrong. Like everyone else on here, there website is linked back to nothing. There phone number is a dead end. I can’t believe how violated I feel. Even by Walmart.

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Ordered a glass desk from Shipping time was normal, but on the day of arrival I had a notice from Walmart tracking that my shipment had been damaged and returned to sender. Called Walmart customer service, who was very helpful, the customer service rep couldn't even contact or leave a message with PIC inc. on their phone #. Called power in cloud inc's phone number and no joke, the customer service is closed during posted business hours and their voicemail box is full. The managers voicemail box is full, and the warehouse voicemail is, you guessed it full. Company based out of China and started in August 2017. How am I supposed to contact them if not by phone or Email?

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We bought a kids ride on jeep for my daughters 3rd birthday. She rode it for an hour and now it won't work! We can't find out how to return this or get it fixed. This is the worst customer service ever cause there is none! Their product is junk! Should have stuck with power wheels!

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Worst company ever! No one answering the phone plus the mail box is FULL! how u expect us to continue business with u people at WALMART? If u support this shady company you are part of the game. I need some one to contact me regardless.

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I ordered a water cooler/dispenser through the Walmart website. When I received my item, it was damaged and appeared to be used. I contacted Power In Cloud for a refund. They responded and sent me a label for return shipping. They asked that I inform them when the item shipped out and when the item arrived at their warehouse. The item arrived on August 23rd back at their warehouse. I have sent them at least 5 emails since then letting them know the item arrived and I have received no correspondence in return and no refund. I DO NOT recommend purchasing from this seller.

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I am very disappointed with the Power In Cloud INC company. I ordered a 5 piece dining set and received beat up boxes filled with broken foam which was the first thing that triggered a red flag. After opening everything there were zero instructions. Thankfully it was basic "attach the 4 legs" type stuff but still. As I continue to open things up 1 of the 4 chair legs was a completely different color of wood and 1 of the other 4 chair legs was banged up and damaged. I understand sometimes things show up incorrectly but the fact that Power In Cloud INC is literally IMPOSSIBLE to get ahold of and does not respond to email or voicemail by myself or walmart is unacceptable. They are thieves. Walmart did their part in refunding my money and not making me disassemble what I had already put together and just keep what I do have. Kudos to Walmart but POWER IN CLOUD INC IS A JOKE!!!!!!

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Horible service!!!! Hate them!!!

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Ordered a desk chair. Received in package marked fragile that was all torn up. No instructions on how to install all the parts but figured it all out. Chair has an adjustment button on it but doesn’t adjust anything. Had to go to Home Depot to get screws and bolts to complete putting it together. More Walmart junk. I should have known better. One star because it arrived to the correct address in three days.

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Stay away from this place!! I placed an order and received a tracking # when item shipped. When I checked to see when it would deliver I found out it had already been delivered. Problem is that it was not delivered to me but somewhere not even close to where I live. I tried to call the company and all I got were recordings saying no one was available and couldn’t leave a message because all mailboxes were full. I can’t understand why wal mart even has them as a seller. This company is a scam !! BEWARE. I will not even give it 1 star!! Guess I have to or it won’t let you send review

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This company is full of BS. I bought bar stool and didn't have all of the parts and when u try to contact them you cant speak to anyone. And they should get a zero star.

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My experience is trying to return an item that was not suited to my blind 67 year old sister who lives in a nursing facility. The product, a digital piano, was great but to big for my sister to store when not in use. It took almost 3 weeks to get the return approved because the info went to Walmart first who forwarded it on to the vendor (Power in the Cloud). It was in perfect condition and repacked exactly as we had received it! Then the refund took another couple of weeks!!! Very poor customer service (actually no customer service) at all. Will never purchase from them again.

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Do NOT purchase a item that it sold by Power in cloud inc.

I bought a $599 massage chair. It got delivered timely. I spent hours in installation as the manual is just crap. After installation when I pluggwd it in it didn't work.

Power in cloud don't pickup the phone.Only obtion is to leave a message. They don't have any technician for troubleshooting.

Please DON'T buy any of their products. ZERO rating.

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Be ware buying from this company. I bought a product that was defective. I tried reaching out to the company and did not get a response from them. I reported it to the BBB and they also did not get a response. Very poor customer service.

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Ordered 2 party tents and got delivered to some place in New Jersey and I live in Minnesota! I called multiple times and reach voicemails. Do these people even pick up any phone calls?!

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Rodney Malone <[email protected]>



Jun 13 at 1:44 PM

I have already been told 1 or 2 business days since Sunday....the seller does not answer their phone and voicemail box for the manager is full....please stand behind your product and refund my money including warranty monies!!!!

Recently you requested personal assistance from Customer Care.

Below is our response and a summary of your request.

Reference#: 180613-015115

Response email (06/13/2018 11:30 AM)

Hi Rodney,

I completely understand your concern for the damaged bikes on your order fulfilled by the marketplace seller, Power In Cloud Inc.. I'll be glad to assist you.

I checked your account and this case was already escalated today to our Marketplace Escalation team. As they are aware of this situation, they need an estimated timeframe of 2 business days to contact the seller on your behalf and provide an appropriate resolution on this case. My best recommendation at this moment is to allow their response within this timeframe required.

It’s been a pleasure assisting you today. You may receive a brief survey regarding your experience with and with me, and I would appreciate your feedback.

Thank you for contacting and have a great day.

Best regards,

Byron T Customer Care

Customer email (06/13/2018 10:54 AM)

I HAVE ALREADY WAITED THE 1 BUISNESS DAY THREE DAYS AGO!!!!!!! Allow me to return them to the store or have them picked up if you stand behind all the products!!!!

Hi Rodney,

I researched your order and found it was placed with one of our Marketplace sellers, POWER IN CLOUD INC.

Our partnership with Marketplace sellers allows us to bring you millions more products, with more brands and selections.

The best support for items from Marketplace sellers is provided by the sellers themselves, because they are the experts in the products they sell.

I have contacted the seller now. I have asked them to get in touch with you to assist with the concern you have.

The expectation is that you receive a response within 1 business day.

We stand by all the products we sell on Please let us know if you need any further assistance because we are always happy to help.

Sincerely, Customer Care

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Received flawed table legs. Dented table legs and table metal part.

Need someone to call me.

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Ordered the wrong item. One hour later I try to cancel. Can't get ahold of anybody.

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I had ordered this table through Walmart thinking that it will be nice for my kitchen. I just moved so I'm all excited about decorating.the first thing that went bad was my package was delivered to the wrong address.then the driver claimed that he tried to deliver the package but he couldnt get in and that was a lie.then I go to pick up my package they said it was damaged but when I got it the stuff wasn't I finally take two of the packages home which is one is a glass table and the other one is some chairs.I'm still waiting for the other two packages by the way. I'll go to put my chairs together I have no screws to put them together the stoppers are missing on the bottom of the chair. Now i have to worry about having a scratched up floor.everything is just a mess I am so disappointed and so angry .this right here is nothing but trash

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I tried to delete this item that I Received & couldn't get it to process my delete. Now I have repeatedly tried to get ahold of anybody at this company

to discuss this with me. All you get is an automated message; the mailboxes are full and you can't leave a message it says...Who runs this company anyway?

I just want to return the item and get my money back!

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