Based on 67 customer reviews Novashion is rated 1.2 out of 5. They have been selling on Walmart Marketplace since 2018. They sell Generic, Unbranded, M.way, Geneirc and Elfeland products in Auto & Tires, Home Improvement and Electronics categories.

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I bought a full set of seat covers from Walmart through this marketplace seller. Needed to return and was told they would charge me a 20% fee and a $20 fee. This is the second time I've had problems with Walmart's marketplace. I am done, not only with this marketplace seller, but Walmart altogether. Too many alternatives to accept this level of service. I give zero stars. This form would no allow me to submit unless I put an undeserved star.

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Item arrives broken and European style power adapter. They want to offer a discount and you keep the item. They don't want to pay for returns, this goes on for days. Shame on you Walmart for exposing your customers to a company like this. Cheep Chinese Bastards!

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I ordered 3 enverted umbrellas from this company and one broke Christmas day when my daughter was opening it, the other one broke in the same place

when my daughter-in-law opened hers. the other one has not been used' I'm sure it will break too. I have over 70.00 dollors tied up in them . NO MORE ORDERS FROM THIS COMPANY!

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NOWORNEVER INC is a scam in cooperation with Walmart. This is a fraudulent company in China that will sell you broken, damaged, returned goods with no options for customer service. The phone number is an unmonitored cell phone. The email address goes to the company in China. You will be VERY lucky to receive a response. Walmart continues its corrupt and anti-American business practices by selling these broken Chinese goods on their website and will not provide any customer service for when you received the broken or damaged goods. Buyer Beware.

There is an actual legitimate retail business in AZ with a similar name Now or Never LLC. I reached out to them and they are not affiliated in either way with Walmart or this company NOWORNEVER INC.


This is the company in China: Changsha Langxing Business Information Consulting Co

Good luck trying to contact them: 909-908-2303, [email protected]

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Ordered 2 Oxford Multi Purpose Car Trunk Organizer Red Cargo Foldable Storage Bag Tool Box at $19.99 each received a black canvas like material with clips; which after much research looks like a car seat protector for pets. Went to local Walmart to return; told me could not help since this was a marketplace item; Contacted NOWORNEVER INC by phone and email and received a response to both consisting of a return call and e-mail. They promptly refunded my account and told me to keep the incorrect item. Unfortunately I got the wrong items, but they did correct the matter promptly and to my satisfaction. For that I think they deserve a satisfactory rating

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This company will show you the true art of being a scammer. Learn from your mistake after this purchase, and then set up your own online business.

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I purchased an inflatable tumble track for my daughter through This company sent be something completely different than what I ordered. They better reimburse me

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I brought a Wind Generator from Walmart. It had a sheet to show parts and on it said see instruction to assemble.

It had no instructions.

I am losing faith min Walmart I have used Walmart in the past on line. The blades look pretty weak. but can not assemble aqs I have no instructions. I would return

But Walmart has large restocking cost . No more Walmart on-line for me. I give this a zero rating

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I purchased a 110 automatic bobbin winder and thought the stand came with it and the thread holder, they did not, I hope I can get the two pieces, it’s not mentioned in the description, please help me

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If I could give 0 stars I would!! Items arrived damaged and 2 days late after paying for expideted shipping. When trying to contact customer service I was sent to what appeard to be a cell phone voicemail. The phone number listed on the walmart marketplace website is not the same number listed on the packaging my items were shipped in. I will NEVER order from this "company" again!

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I bought a Tracer Pad Light Box from the WalMart website for my granddaughter. It was delivered on time from a company called Nowornever. It was obviously a "return" since the box was ripped at the tab. The plug was just thrown in the box separate from the cord. IT WAS THE WRONG PLUG!! I dont even know if it works. I cant get an answer from Nowornever. But they are not the culprit.......Walmart is!! They put other company's products on their website. Walmart should be responsible! If a contractor hires a subcontractor to fix your plumbing problem and screws it up, who is responsible? The contractor. If Walmart won't stand behind all products on their website then we should be find other businesses to buy from. Walmart makes millions off of us. Are you telling me they can't help us out in these situations? Shame on Walmart. Take our money. Screw us over. And make a big deal about how great they are. Just another business giant taking from us and laughing all the way to the bank. Walmart sux!

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Made mistake of ordering from

I wish I had seen these reviews on

I will never purchase from Walmart Market Place.

Walmart should adopt a rating system for it's vendors/sellers to better inform the consumer.

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DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY SCAM!!!! NEED A "0" star!!! Walmart should take these people off their list

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I buy 500MW 65x50cm Blue Laser Engraver Cutter Carver Printer Carving Engraving Machine last month and never receive it that machine.

I call all number included 909/908-2303 witch is NOWORNEVER INC number and send email as well, did not get any respond back, no one answers that number!!!

Finally call and they did not have any respond from the company as well. I lose 1 hour on the phone with Walmart to get no answers in why i did not receive this product!!?? Finally I diced to cancel this order because this NOWORNEVER INC! NEVER do the correct business.

Do not do business with them (NOWORNEVER INC)

Gave one star because I have to but is o ZERO STAR for them BAD COMPANY

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These people are frauds! They are ripping people off under the guise of being distributors for walmart which is a down right lie. Do not buy from these people! If I could give negative stars I would!

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Why is there no option for negative stars here? I try to be a careful online shopper. I normally check all reviews before buying and in this case the item I bought had excellent reviews, so I ordered feeling confident. Sadly, the reviews have changed and the positive ones removed?...In the meantime, I received a piece of junk tossed into a plastic bag with the cords & the adapter plug laying in a heap in the bottom of the bag. This is clearly refurbished or another person's return. I thought I was buying from Walmart...I had NO IDEA I was taking my $ into my own hands going through a 3rd party market seller. Ebay (Paypal) and even Amazon do WAY better with returns, refunds and problems with sellers than Walmart does! I've returned the item and this scammer company is sending me emails telling me I need to send them a video or pictures of the item that they acknowledge I've already returned. ??? They also keep insisting I need to cancel my return request or they will not refund my money??? Wow! I contacted Walmart today and the gal I talked to said she would reach out to them, but I highly doubt it will bring resolution. I'm so disgusted with Walmart for doing business with these types of scammer companies, and then not taking care of their own customers who bought this crap from their website. I'm cancelling my Walmart account/card and shopping elsewhere. You dropped the ball on this one Walmart.

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Never buy from this company, they ship late and use that crappy dhl which is the worst service on the planet. My package has been in limbo for 2 weeks, filing claim with walmart. Bad company, Bad Shipping Choices and Bad Experience.

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this is the mess i been dealing with for the last THREE DAYS before I was given a return address :

Thank you for your email. 

If the item has not been returned, what do you think we issue a $27 discount for this item? Would you accept the refund and keep this item?

If you still want to return, here's the return address,

ATTN: Return Center

ADD:1 Broadway Road, Ste 1, Cranbury NJ 08512 


For any questions or further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Have a nice day!

Best regards.

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Ordered a heavy duty kennel for my puppy because he likes to scratch floors and bite up the floor pan. well they advertise it as 25 inches; it wasn't even 17in. I did a return through Walmart but the printer kept on having issues, it was "printing the label" for over an hour but none ever came out because there is no address. Could not get an address to return the item online either. No one is picking up the phone; and when you call or look up the number it is a California number, belonging to a single individual; and the place "NoworNever Inc." is located in Portland Oregon. Never buying from there again! They aren't even worth a 100th of a star. Absolute Zero!

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