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Crap coming direct from China

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Sent me several emails asking if I would accept a defective product instead of getting a full refund. Garbage seller.

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Don’t order anything from here put stuff on sale don’t tell you all the parts aren’t there I’ve ordered it twice and the same thing parts missing and no instructions and you have trouble getting a refund and Walmart doesn’t care I’m go to my bank and dispute the purchase they have $70.00 of my money fo a faucet

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Your shipping charge is ridicules! A bike rake tote and shipping $4,500 to $56,700 what a joke haha funny ,get real about shipping or go away.

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Wish I had seen these reviews prior to ordering via I ordered an item from them a couple of weeks ago, was supposed to arrive earlier this week, and it hasn't even been received by USPS. Walmart really needs to be on top of allowing sellers like this on their platform.

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Would not ever buy from these assholes again! Ordered a realistic looking doll for my daughter or so I thought.. it came and everything looked fine until getting the doll out of the package. One arm of the doll looks like it was cut off with a knife. The hair on the dolls head feels like pubic hair and when you touch it, it falls out. I was on the phone most of the day with this company and Walmart with no help from any of them. Tried to get info to return the doll and was told by the company it wasn’t worth it . That I needed to wait for the email 24-48 hours to send them photos. But they weren’t going to pay for shipping as it wasn’t worth it. Not even my child wants to play with this. Looks like something from a horror movie! Do not buy from these people! They should be removed from .!

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Wheres my order been 2 weeks still not even shipped but you ran my card before shipping. Again still not shipped .Why!!!!

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0 stars!!!!!! Worst products and customer service! Products are made poorly and don’t fit together. Good luck getting a refund. Hope you like jumping through hoops. DONT WAST YOUR TIME

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September 11, 2020$130.77

Order #5272056-303417

Before buying these units I checked the return policy. Clearly on the Walmart page of this unit, it says returns accepted within 30 days. It also states it is returnable to the store. Once delivered, it was not as I thought it would be. So I requested a return. The next step was that I saw it could be “returned shipping free” which I never knew that Walmart does this. So I took take option, printed out the shipping tag 396977795146 . I was going to return the units the next afternoon until I received a email from [email protected]

date: Sep 19, 2020, 1:42 AM

subject: Response to return requst from 【Nowornever Inc】【2802579747022】

(I will attach the letter at the end of this note)

So I went back to my Walmart account to see how to return the units to the store. ON YOUR SITE the instructions says, copy of the transaction, I.D. credit card and the printed mailing label.

I did all this….the counter person…then three more folks including the store’s assistant manager Silvana denied a refund because the computer (theirs) showed something that it did not accept due to the requested shipping return. Once again…… is clearly in black and white on the website that I can return if I bring in the shipping label (the store didn’t have a clue nor “had access” to your Walmart site (!!) .

I would be very happy to mail you all the documentations. BTW: Silvana was extremely polite and tried to be helpful with me…..unlike the others that were giggling and frowning.

Copy of the email below (unedited):

[email protected]

Sep 19, 2020, 1:42 AM (12 days ago)

to me

Dear dean fesler,

Item Name:

We received your return request.

The reason for the return application is NOT_AS_DESCRIBED.

We are sorry for causing you trouble.

We are sorry that the product did not satisfy you.

To better solve the problem, could you describe the problem in detail?

Could you send us a picture or video of the product to show the problem?

You can send us pictures or videos as attachments.

We are willing to provide you with a resend or appropriate refund service after confirming the problem, and you do not need to return the product.

Are you willing to cancel the return application first?

Because in this state we can not arrange a refund or resend for you.

Here is how to cancel the return application:

Please log in your Walmart account and contact Walmart Customer Care. Walmart will guide you through that quick process. Or you can call 1-800-966-6546 to cancel the return request.

Looking forward to your reply.

Have a good day!

Yours sincerely


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TOTAL SCAM. Will not accept returns. Offer you pennies on the $2 for my $15 purchase. Said it takes too long to return & is too costly, so I was better off with the $2. They SENT the original purchase to me in 5 days so they are just fabricating information in an attempt to keep the money I paid them. As a Marketer for Walmart, the only charges for return are to be applied to electronics and a few other limited items. Some of their products might be ok but the operations of the company itself are illegal. I imagine if they are dropped by Target, they will try to get back in under another company name because of they seem to be making a lot of money by circumventing the rules.

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Unfortunately I ate the bait too. I ordered

Item name:

It was shipped incomplete with the shower curtain and hooks missing. Got a petty reply when complained, trying to convince me that I did not interpret correctly.

Never will order again, Negative stars

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DO NOT Purchase anything from Them fucking garbage federal gov look in that fucking store i pay $40 00 FOR A BEDSPRED WORT ABUT $10.00 WHAT A JOKE

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BEWARE...they sent some asian crimper that burned our hands. no customer service, they should be shut down. 1 star is way to many for them.

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The worst third party company I've ever had to deal with Walmart never again will I purchase anything from a Walmart third party company also I'm canceling my Walmart credit card because of this horrible horrible issue they sent the wrong merchandise and expect me to pay for it I'm not doing it and all they want to credit me is $15 for something that cost 150 they're out of their mind

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Pieces of shit assholes. Sent us something that was different than advertised and will only offer $3 refund for the $20 item. Why does Wal-Mart allow this to happen??

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Horrible customer service. Not timely in responding to complaint. Plastic box was broken. They wanted a picture, never offered to replace.

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I ordered glass letter and butterfly art for the wall. They were sent in an unpadded envelope and were all broken. I have been trying to figure out how to return it and get back my money and I have had no luck getting any information whatsoever. I’m about to just take photos and dispute the charges with my bank. I wish I could give a zero rating.

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Worst place to order from ! Sent me my package with missing parts ! Ask me to send a picture of what I received I sent the pictures and they never contacted me back nor could I get in contact with them ! DO NOT ORDER from these people completely waste of your money ! I wish i would of came to the reviews first !

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Scammers!! I ordered a window button cap for my car and recieved a freaking toy bus! No one answers the phone or return my calls. I wish I could rate them negative 5 stars

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0 stars if I could!!! F this seller. Ordered a digital picture frame and advertised to come with a 32GB SD card for pics. Surprise no SD card. Now I need to buy one because it’s a gift and was going to load pictures on it. Their prices are cheaper to get you to order. Buyer beware. Bait and switch. Trashy company based on these 200+ reviews. F Walmart for allowing them to continue.

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