Based on 11 customer reviews Noble Planet Inc. is rated 1.0 out of 5. They have been selling on Walmart Marketplace since 2016. They sell Apple, Google, Plantronics, Jabra and Motorola products in Electronics, Seasonal and Shop by Brand categories.

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Got an iPhone XS Max from them that was black listed as lost/stolen ! I’m definitely contacting Walmart about this

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I ordered products from this company via Walmart.

what turned up was a used and dirty product probably covered in Covid when it was advertised as new. It was far from new fingerprints and dirty marks all over the camera and lens.

It came with fake batteries and fake accessories I’m assuming the product is also fake as it doesn’t work.

I have still not received my refund.

Please do not order anything from this company

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This company is a FRAUD. They do not respond to messages. Always receive an auto reply. Why does Walmart allow them on their website????

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DO NOT BUY from them. They are horrible. Sold me an Ipad that doesnt hold a charge. Told me they would replace it or refund it which i was pleasantly surprised as I knew it may have been outside a return window. After I replied and told them I would like to know ow I would do either, what the procedure was. They never responded. When I finally did get a response they told me it was out of the return window. I get that it was longer than return window but it was a christmas present.. BUT they said they would return or replace and now they say no. This Ipad doesnt hold a charge and this company does not stand behind what they sell. They suck and no one should buy from them. They have now caused my daughter to be out a christmas present.

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I ordered iphone 6 plus and the screen was flashing and then got really bad. Return phone was a VERY BIG hassle still in progress but no one answers the phone. Just leave message will get back with you as soon as possible NEVER...... Walmart is trying to fix problem with Company but what a issue. This wasn't a refurbished iphone. Stay away from the Company. This doesn't do WALMART ANY GOOD.................

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I'm not convinced this is a legitamit company and not someone operating out of a garage, but I am certain these devices are not certified refurbished.

The only thing worse than their customer service is their devices quality.

I ordered this as a gift and it arrived with a maximum battery capacity of 59% and signs of previous damage. If you put a ruler up to it you can see the slight bend of the bezzle and the charging port was crooked so you'd have to shake the charger to get it to plug in.

I ended up returning the device. At my expense because this person doesn't have a relationship with any shipping companies and couldn't send me a prepaid label. They told me they'd reimburse me the cost of shipping. I paid over $11 just to send it regular usps mail (with itemized reciept) But once the device was returned they changed their mind and said they'd refund me 3$ for shipping.

I have in writing them saying they would refund me the cost of shipping. Not "up to" any amount. I had to speak with 'customer service' via email for 2 weeks to get them to $5.

So in summary, I paid $6 and spent too many hours just to give back a piece of junk.

If you need a phone that works immediately don't buy from them because there is no guarantee you'll get what you pay for and if you're one of the people who get a piece of junk...Getting a refund will be a Rollercoaster.

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I bought on a iPhone 7 plus 256gbs for $239.95. It come on time but it dropped calls, when I got a call I couldn't hear the caller and they couldn't hear me, voice memo didn't work, couldn't take video, Siri didn't work and the batter was 85% so I decided to return the item. I called them but no one answers and their voicemail is full. I just want me refund.

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The Logitech Focus Keyboard/Cover that I received was defective. The magnets (or whatever make it stand up) failed to work and the device would just allow my iPad to fall down. I tried to contact Noble Planet Inc. but neither the phone number or email got a response. Attempts to print out a return mailing label only reached a message to “refresh the page.” Just a warning to others—I would not buy from this company again. I thought I was buying from a WalMart approved company, but they need to screen these “Marketplace “ vendors more thoroughly.

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They just don't care will sell you anything...

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I ordered a refurbished iwatch3 used it for 1 week and was left with a terrible burn on my wrist. Contacted Noble Planet and they never got back to me. Will never order from them or again.

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I ordered a iPhone 7 plus when it arrived I took it out put it on the charger it wouldn't charge I tried to turn it on it wouldn't I tried hard resets I tried different chargers.... I was sold a broke phone

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