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Horrible customer service! Very rude staff! No Thanks! Do NOT use this company! They do not care about their users.

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If there was an option for less than one star, I'd put it. Owner is rude and childish when faced with a problem, they choose to lash out instead of being mature and resolving the issue. Very disappointed and will never interact again.

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WARNING! Buyer beware! This “family business” does not even deserve a ZERO. I paid through PayPal. This is my claim to PayPal:

Receiver information

My Poochie's Paradise


[email protected]

Transaction amount

$79.99 USD

Transaction ID


Date reported

April 30, 2021

Your notes

Item received was NOT what I ordered. As demonstrated by the attached screenshots, the heading "Dog Grooming Concentrated Shampoos..." is atop the images of ALL the shampoos - no distinction. Even when selecting the Scent on the pull-down menu, the description for "Puppy Sweet Dreams" didn't change. I safely assumed the shampoo I wanted for $79.99 was a concentrate, especially since I had purchased a regular, same-size container for under $45. Further, screenshot of the Description of the product, clearly describes the dilution rate of 16:1. No differentiation between scents. What I received was regular shampoo; what I wanted was the 'concentrate' that My Poochie's Paradise advertised for $79.99. In an attempt to correct the problem, I corresponded with the vendor over several days asking for a refund of price difference or return the item. Since there was no resolution, I asked that they send me instructions and a prepaid return label (via FedEx, as item was shipped to me) to return the unopened product. Last communication was 04/29/21 in which I was told not only did I have to ship the item on my own dime, but there was also a restocking fee. They purport that I misread the website. As of yesterday, the vendor has made changes to the item description to remove the word "CONCENTRATE" from the product, and removed the product directions indicating that item could be diluted. Please notice that the link to the product which I pasted below, and I just copied off their website a moment ago, still contains the word "concentrated." This tells me that their website incorrectly advertised what they were selling; my pointing that out to them when I asked to return the item made them realize their error; and now they attempt to deceive me by saying it was my mistake. There was absolutely no misinterpretation on my part, and I want to get my money back in exchange for my returning the package via a prepaid label.

Refund requested

$79.99 USD

Item description

As of 05/18/21, apparently they’re being asked by PayPal to refund my money because I just received a very vicious email from My Poochie’s Paradise. The exact text of their message to me:


Never play games with an honest family business seller ever again!

We received the bottle of exactly as described shampoo back and PayPal won't even let us issue the proper refund as everyone knows now that you play games in online purchasing.

We realize that some people expect more than described and more than they deserve.

Send us an apology for YOUR fuck up and we will send you a paper check for your appropriate refund.

Thank you!

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Really should be a big zero I need I shipping label to do a return with a link keep asking them for a link for a return never answered me

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I ordered a pet tie out from My Poochies Paradise. I received the Pet Tie out no problem, but there was an unidentified black mass in a generic zip lock baggie. There was no label and I have no idea what this is. It is very strange and totally creeped me out. I tried calling, left a voice mail and have not heard back as to what was in my order. Unfortunately I cannot post a picture. Has this happened to anyone else? Yuck!!!

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I don’t normally give reviews. My experience needs to be shared. On 6/16/2020, I placed an order with for two 16oz dog bowls along with some other items. One dog bowl was received on 6/22. The packing slip noted 2 dog bowls as ordered. I immediately contacted MPP (6/22, 3:36pm est) and noted the discrepancy, but I also noted that I ordered the wrong size bowls. My bad! The Dyer Family/MPP quickly responded back (6/22, 2:16pm their time) and offered up larger bowls and an invoice for the cost difference. I responded back (6/22, 6:23pm est) that I was leaving on Wednesday and needed the bowls and that the timing would not work. I requested a return address. (6/22, 2:53) The Dyer family/MPP responded back to return the items to the address on the business card. (6/22, 9:09pm) I said ty and noted it would be shipped the next day. (6/22, 7:29pm) Dyer family/MPP said Thank you. I shipped the items the next day. Over a month passes as I expected a delay on the refund as with most credits. August 5th comes around and there has been no refund. (4:07pm) I emailed an inquiry about the refund. (8/5, 7:58pm) Dyer family/MPP responds that they have not received them back as of yet and asked for the tracking number. (8/6, 9:32am) I sent an email with a photo of the tracking info from UPS. It was delivered on 6/30 at 11:57am to the correct address. NO WORD from the Dyers. (8/10, 8:04pm) I emailed MPP asking if they received the tracking information and even provided the photo and typed the important info. Today (6/12, 4:30pm est) I HAVE HEARD NOTHING from the MPP. I think ample time has passed and I have been patient. FYI, the correspondence with the Dyer family, MPP has been very nice and nothing rude. Apparently, they just don’t like to issue refunds! So much for their quote, “It truly is all about the dogs to us!” I give one star for a nice logo! I give ZERO stars for customer service and integrity.

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