Based on 60 customer reviews MTONY LLC is rated 1.2 out of 5. They have been selling on Walmart Marketplace since 2017. They sell MTONY LLC, ZANZEA, Incerun, Celmia and Vonda products in Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Home and Health categories.

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On Order #3702029-164404 I purchased 1 Women Vintage Plaid Button Down Long Sleeve Loose Shirt Dress for 20.49 & 1 Scoop Overalls Womens in amount of 32.99, plus tax of 2.72 through Walmart online site paid using PayPal total of $56.20. The "dress" did not fit but I'm ok with the overalls did and am keeping them. But attempting to send back the dress has been a nightmare. I am very dissappointed that I was told I could return the "Women Vintage Plaid Button Down Long Sleeve Loose Shirt Dress at my expense after Walmart refused to reimburse this item. If you are not willing to refund the entire 20.49 I will contact Walmart to let them know of my difficulty in this as I was told by "Walmart" you "MTONY" would reimburse me fully for this item. The pandemic has caused me like everyone else tremendous hardship as I am elderly and cannot afford to throw money away. I am asking that you reimburse to PayPal the 20.49. I am willing to give you a 5Star review when you refund the requested amount or I will advise Walmart they will lose me as a customer and my review will not be a good one because of my difficulty with this transaction.

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I ordered 2 tops from MTONY, one in black the other in white and only received the black top. When I called the rep said they were being shipped separately however, the website shows both tops being delivered

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SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! I ordered a top from Walmart through this company. When I received the package from them, it was a cheap collapsible bag. When I emailed them they did respond - but offered me $5 to “compensate for my losses.” The shirt was $13. So I emailed back saying I did not agree to that and I wanted my full refund back. Haven’t heard from them in three days. You would think Walmart would value their customers enough to consider these reviews and shut their business down from being sold on the Walmart website. The only reason they are even getting one star is that you can’t leave zero.

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Purchased men's swimsuit in August, 2018. They sent wrong size & color. Contacted seller who insisted I pay return postage. They then sent 3 more swimsuits, all wrong size. Same thing - I had to pay return postage for their mistake. I paid to return all 4 by USPS without the additional cost for a receipt. Mtony neither acknowledged the return, nor issued a refund. Disputed charges on my Synchrony credit card and Mtony denied all wrongdoing. Check out their BBB rating - very bad!

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They do you bogus. They’ll ask you to not send stuff back because it hurts the company. They will not refund you all your money. And their products are complete trash. I’d give them a -10 if I could

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Received dresss and it was not as appeared on website. Contacted MTONY LLC to return item. Was advised I would have to pay return postage. Advised felt they needed to pay return postage and I would follow-up with if they were in disagreement. MTONY LLC refunded payment and I was ask not to return dress.

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I received a tunic with the hem half unsewn, a jagged, mismatched seam down the middle, and smaller than the measurements given in the listing. I began communication with MTONY, sent them photos of the open hem. They initially offered to refund me $9, and have me sew the hem back up. Well, I'm no seamstress, and have no desire to take it to a tailor to have it repaired. I told them that if they fully refunded my money, I would give them a five-star review. MTONY did refund my money, so I am accordingly keeping my end of the bargain.

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I have tried for days calling the number for MTonyLLC and only get a recording, to leave a message and have not heard form the company as of today. Oct. 30, 2018.

I will not order from Wal-mart online again because of this issue. I give this company (NO) stars... The app made me give it one star.

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I don't even know if they received my email. Wal-Mart should be ashamed. If I hope to hear from Mtony LL C soon.

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I need A refund on something I bought from Walmart app but MTONY LLC said that it was my fault I got the wrong size and won't let me send them back they offered me 7 dollars I did not think that is fair melanie santypal

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I am trying to return an item that was bought through here and it is so difficult. I thought I could return at Walmart. Lesson learned. I will never order from Walmart again. Very disappointed and very frustrated. Not happy with Walmart and this return process. If I could give a negative number I would.

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I ordered a top through and it is too small. I need to return it. When I initiate the return to send a message it will not send. How do I get in touch with this company to return this top I cannot wear. Thanks.

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Bad material, wrong advertising, awful fit. Don't bother.

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I purchased items through Walmart's website and unfortunately I did not pay attention that some of the items were not actually sold by Walmart, but lesson learned. I am very disappointed with the quality of the items purchased, like many others from what I have read. After reading the reviews I am not sure it's worth my time and effort to return the items for a refund, which I am sure companies like this count on. I will NEVER purchase from any Marketplace through another vendor again. I too am very disappointed that Walmart is allowing this company to sell product on their site. If I had the option, I would not even give them 1 star.

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Your product is cheap, does not match the usual USA size chart, and when I tried to request an exchange, I was told I have to pay for the return when it is YOUR product that is not right.............Your product is a fraud, your business is a fraud, and I'm going to be sure everyone knows about your company so they do not order through you. I am very disappointed in Walmart even being affiliated with such a sham.

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I have bought two dresses that are too small. And after reading all the reviews about trying to return I gave up trying to find the information. I won't even give it a 1 star. I will pass this information to all my friends about ordering from Walmart. com .

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After reading all the one star reviews on this site, I started communication with MTONY about refunding my payment for a dress I purchased on Initially I received this response:

Dear customer,

Thanks for your message.

We are sorry for the good which doesn't fit to you.

Our shop accepts the return and the refund. But if it's not our problem, we are afraid that you need to pay the postage back.

You can find the size chart on the website. Size may be 2cm/1 inch inaccuracy due to hand measure.

Could you please measure the size and compare with the size chart on the website?

If there are large errors, please take a picture to us. We will try our best to provide the satisfactory solution to you. If there are little errors, do you agree we refund you $6 as compensation and you can keep it or give it to your friends as a present?

If you would like to return the goods, the goods will be returned to our warehouse because we are the third party on Walmart and the return procedures are very complicated.

Or you have any other ideas? Please feel free contact us, we will provide a satisfactory solution for you until you feel good.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.


I wrote back with the following email: (feel free to copy it if you like)


I am returning this dress because the size is listed wrong on the Walmart website.

This dress, size XXL, measures exactly 114 cm or 45 inches at the BUST. Your size chart indicates that size XXL is 120 cm or 47.2 inches.

This is your mistake, your error and your problem. You need to pay the return postage so I can send the dress back to you.

Your email stated: “Our shop accepts the return and the refund. But if it's not our problem, we are afraid that you need to pay the postage back.”

Order information is listed below.

Today I will mail the dress to your warehouse here:


1 Broadway Rd STE 1

South Brunswick, NJ 08512

I expect a full refund to my credit card for $26.22 ($19.97 plus $6.25 return shipping)

If you have any further disputes, I will contact Wal-mart and add my complaint to those of many others who are unhappy with your products and services and suggest that Wal-mart discontinue their partnership with MTONY. If you refund my payment as requested, I will leave you a five star review.

Thank you,

(My name, Address, Cell, and Order #)

I then received the following acceptable response from MTONY LLC:

Thanks for your message and we are sorry for the inconvenience. If you would like to return the goods, the cost of the return is high and the returning may be lost on the way. It will cause our mutual disadvantage. To save your time, would you mind accepting us 100% refund of the item and you needn't return the item?

Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards.

My money was refunded to my original form of payment and as promised, I'm now submitting a 5 star review.

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Did not realize when I ordered items at that there are 3rd party sellers. And as per all the other reviews, items are poorly made and sized. I was going to try and return them but I can see now it is a waste of my time. Never had this problem with, they stand behind all their products even through 3rd party sellers. Just saying.

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One star is too much! This company is as sham. I recently ordered a dress from this company. Among other things, it didn't fit properly. I initially went to the store to return it but was told that I had to go through the company directly and was given the contact information. I first tried calling numerous times but the mailbox was filled . I then sent an email and attached a copy of the order; a copy of the envelope with the return address; and a copy of the tag with the SKU number. I also put this information in the email. They did respond and said they didn't recognize the order number. In another email, I explained that it was Walmart's order number and asked if they were aware that they sold through Walmart?? My emails went on over 2 days. They kept responding that they did not recognize the order number and, " Please send me a screen shot of order information". I told them I sent them everything that I had and that they should look up the SKU number. They responded again , "Please send me a screen shot of order ". I told them I sent them a complete copy of the order but I went ahead and did a screen shot of the MTony LLC part of the order. They responded, "Please send me a screen shot of the order". At this point, it was obviously that there are no returns with this company. I gave up but I do not think Walmart should be selling their products.

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TERRIBLE! The quality of the shirt I ordered was a joke and when I tried to return it the business number listed when straight to a non-identified voicemail that had a full mailbox. After emailing the company, they informed me that it would be too expensive for me to ship the item back, but that they could refund me $4 of the $17 I paid if I just kept it. Absolutely ridiculous and Walmart should really vet these third parties before including them on their site. They were not helpful at all when I tried to return the item through them. Last time I ever order something from Walmart online.

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