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My Mother had purchased thru affirm a white LED coffee table, this this was horrible. The dimensions was extremely off on it, so much that the drawers wouldn't fit. Then your page on gave false info saying it can be returned in store, IT CANT BE! It has to be shipped! I can't get this thing apart nor can I find a box big enough to ship it bk in. I have waisted 12 hours in 3 days on hold! Getting nowhere! I'm stuck with this piece of crap, making payments bc it was purchased thru on affirm. This is not right at all. 180.00 bucks for a piece of shit that will be thrown away and no walmart store will take back.

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This is by far the worst place to buy anything from especially furniture. They send defected furniture parts so the furniture can’t even be put together and don’t even try to resolve the issue. They will ignore you and just blame Walmart and continuously blame Walmart which is who they are originally selling their really flaky furniture from. I bough a table from them that was priced at 189. 99 and couldn’t even put it together due to having the wrong/defected piece and the only thing they can say is contact Walmart, no refunds or trade ins. They weren’t even willing to just send me the correct piece. I tried to reason with these people but I guess scamming people is more important. Never again. Avoid purchasing anything from them.

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Good luck if you have a broken item cause customer service is impossible. Incompetent workers cannot even send you emails cause they can never understand you. If I could leave 0/5 stars I would NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING from company Lzing

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I ordered a night stand for my son. Paid almost $100 for it. It arrived quickly, but that is literally the only good thing about it. Every single part was absolute crap!!! Nothing fit together right, the drawers do not open and close correctly due to the awful screws that were sent with product. The light feature did work but was nothing like it was advertised. It was highly disappointing!! I will never order from this place again.

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I ordered a bookcase/entertainment stand

I work thirds so it takes me some time to get to things

Well I finally got to the box just to see no hardware and boards missing to the point you can’t even try to attempt something different

I called

Kept calling they said they’d call me back in 48 hours

Well I’m still waiting only thing I got from them was we’re not giving you a refund

Ok cool I never asked for that in the first place

I want what I paid for

All that I paid for not a piece or a half of a half

You guys are so unprofessional

Didn’t call no email and I still have this pile of junk sitting in the corner

Shame on you I spent my last on that stand just to still have the tv on the floor

And to think you guys are a business

Yeah a laughable one and as soon as I get what’s owed to me you’ll never get another dime

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Absolutely Horrible!!! Missing a part and they will not send it!!! Keep asking for more information. I have given them everything!!! Pictures, circled the part that is missing, proof of how much i paid and where i bought from and how many i bought!!! They have everything they need!!! Do not buy from them unless you want to get screwed over. Absolutely horrible customer service!!! FFF---

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I ordered and received a coffee table and the cam locks and screws are loose the cord to connect the lights won't connect thereby don't work. I've contacted Walmart they said they contacted the seller but to no avail I have not received any response. The concept was cute but I wished I never bought this junk

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Absolutely the worst do not order from these people I was missing legs all the hardware to a TV stand and they don't want to do anything besides send me a picture I don't get what the issue is they can have their stuff I just want my money back and I only left a star because I had to in order to post this or I wouldn't have put any

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