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My wife just told me the exact same thing happened to her. Unreal that a “small family business” would even guarantee it’s free in writing, and then backpedal and blame the 3rd party shipping carriers. I imagine this is going to snowball….and highly unlikely we get any money back

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I had the exact same problem as the other Bylinda about them refusing to honor that guarantee!! I dont see any contact info yet but check back

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I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with a recent order I placed with Loop Lasso, on the 12th of December, 2023. I had ordered 4 loop lassos, and was promptly contacted by a representative named Ben, who introduced himself as the "Founder" of Loop Lasso. In his email, he assured me that my items would be delivered by the 24th of December, 2023, or else my order would be completely free of charge. He further detailed the extra measures that the company was taking to ensure that all orders were delivered on time. These measures included prioritizing their inventory with shipping companies through continuous communication, expanding their warehouse team from 5 to 13 members to expedite order processing, and even having the office team fly out to Idaho to assist with packing and shipping. Additionally, they upgraded shipments that were at risk of delay to UPS Next Day Air, absorbing the higher shipping costs themselves.

On the 13th of December, I received a second email from Ben, reiterating that my order was still on track for delivery by the 24th, as initially guaranteed. However, on the 21st of December at 8:04 PM MST, I received an email stating that my order was finally on its way, along with a tracking number. To my surprise, the tracking number was for USPS ground delivery, not UPS Next Day Air as previously promised. Upon checking the tracking status, it only showed "label created." The package wasn't received by Post Falls USPS until Friday, 12/22/2023, at 2:41 PM PST. It then went through multiple locations until it finally reached its destination on Tuesday, 12/26/2023, at 7:35 AM and was delivered to my home on 12/26/2023, at 1:06 PM.

Given that I did not receive my products by the guaranteed date of December 24, 2023, I reached out to Loop Lasso multiple times to express my disappointment. Despite their initial promise, they did not offer to return my money. Instead, they suggested that I join their waiting list for a new product set to launch in February. I declined this offer and requested a credit to my credit card. In response, they stated that they would credit my card once they received the returned items and provided their return and refund policy. There was no mention to return the item to receive the item for free in the email from Ben, the founder of Loop Lasso. I explained to them that there is a significant difference between receiving a product for free, as initially promised, and returning a product for a refund. They ignored my points in my email and responded instead that they usually don't cover return shipping costs, but in my case, they would provide a shipping label. I reiterated my request for a credit within 10 days, or I would report them to the Better Business Bureau and the office of Consumer Protection.

The following day, Loop Lasso offered me their new product coming out in February for free, allowed me to keep the products I already had, and offered a 25% refund. I declined their offer once again. I had placed my order 20 days in advance, relying on their 100% guarantee of delivery by December 24, 2023. However, Loop Lasso did not ship my order until December 22, 2023, using USPS Ground Shipping instead of UPS Air as promised. According to the USPS website, ground shipping from Idaho to Montana takes 3-5 delivery days. Loop Lasso chose this method, knowing that the earliest delivery would be on December 25, 2023, which is Christmas day.

Loop Lasso has failed to honor their 100% guarantee or offer a suitable resolution. Instead, they have repeatedly tried to change their original promise and persuade me to join their waiting list for a new product. Returning a product and receiving a refund is not the same as getting a product for free. Despite my 10-day demand email, Loop Lasso only offered a 25% refund and their new product for free, which does not align with their initial promise that my order would be free if not received on or before December 24, 2023.

I have come across several forums and website reviews with similar complaints about Loop Lasso. They have breached their contract by not honoring their guarantee and promise. Their negligence in not shipping my products via UPS Air, as promised, when they knew there was a risk of delay, further demonstrates their failure to uphold their guarantee.

I believe it is time for Loop Lasso's consumers to ban together and start a Class Action Lawsuit. Contact me with your story.

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