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Seller has poor 1 star ratings all over the net as he's a hostile unprofessional lying scam stealing from people. I have not been refunded for a product never received, picked up or ever seen in my life. If you think every customer is fraud then you should stop selling instead of insulting people. He's been reported to Amazon, legal action will be filed as well as a police report. DO NOT BUY FROM HIM!!!

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I ordered a KeurigK15 coffee maker for $299. We did not like how slow the water flow actually was and returned it after a few days. I brought it to our local Walmart store, where the customer service clerk took the machine out of the box, to assure the same machine as said in purchase order, was on the box. Of course it was. She put the box in the back and finished my return on her computer. Today, I received an e mail from direct seller, saying that they don't accept my return because they see I had switched out this machine, it was clearly used. Umm? Yes, as I said in return reasons. However, they also claimed that I had switched the serial number and they would contact my local law enforcement now. About what? How dare they accuse a customer of this? How and why would I have done this? Unbelievable but perhaps, this is how this company does her 'return' guarantee, none at all. I will have to find a way to legally now get my money back k and then some because this is definitely deformation of character, as well. Unbelievable! I will never buy anything from this company again and Walmart should be ashamed to do business with them.

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