Based on 3 customer reviews Johnson Pac Wholesale is rated 1.0 out of 5. They have been selling on Walmart Marketplace since 2020. They sell Johnson Wax, Bonide, Church & Dwight, Weiman and Procter & Gamble products in Home Improvement, Office Supplies and Walmart for Business categories.

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Just checked the Walmart site for Fruit Fresh Preservative. Johnson Pac Wholesale wants over $30. for a container that sells for under $4. That's price gouging and illegal.

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I purchased this product "QT Mold Killing Primer Gallon" from Johnson PAC Wholesale through the Walmart marketplace. Despite the word "gallon" being in the title and the label in the image indicating a gallon size, this product is only 1 Quart. We ordered 8 gallons but only recieced 8 quarts. After calling Walmart customer service, we were told we could use what we received and would be refunded for the remaining 6 gallons that we didn't receive. However, since this product is sold by Johnson Wholesale and NOT Walmart, JohnsonPAC had to issue the refund. This third-party seller refused to refund us. Despite numerous Walmart customer service representatives trying to contact them, they were unsuccessful, so our refund couldn't be processed. After I finally made contact with Johnson Wholesale via email, they informed me that they don't even sell gallon sizes of this product. (After I resolved my situation with this third-party, I contacted Walmart again to ask if the name of the product could be changed to accurately reflect the amount of product customers will receive. Instead, Johnson PAC changed the product title to "1 Quart Mold Killing Primer Gallon", which doesn't exactly help improve clarity for customers. I mean why even include the word gallon in the title if you don't even sell gallon sizes...unless their intention is to mislead customers.) Anyways, it took about 8 calls with Walmart and 3-4 email exchanges with Johnson Wholesale to only be PARTIALLY refunded. Walmart then gave me their phone number to have me take over to try and contact them. Again, when I was finally able to get a hold of an actual human, they were extremely rude and disrespectful. Even after asking if I could speak with someone in their finances department or someone who oversees refunds, they were adamant that they could not help me. In fact, the individual I spoke with said their company doesn't ever issue refunds.

To be honest, despite the situation being difficult, I did my absolute best to be kind and understanding towards ALL the customer representatives I spoke with, both from Walmart and Johnson. I get it, it's not their fault nor did I want to place blame on them. I truly just wanted to be refunded for the portion of my order I never received. However, to be treated with the disrespect and carelessness that Johnson Wholesale presented itself with, I wanted to fully inform future customers of what they were getting into when purchasing this product. It took our credit card company getting involved for us to finally be fully refunded.

If you're reading this, I encourage you not to purchase this or any product from Johnson Wholesale. Hopefully my experience saves you from wasting your time and energy.

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through Walmart I ordered Dobie scrubbers from Johnson Pac wholesale company. They said that they did not deliver to a PO Box, a military base, or out of the country. I am none of the above. I reported this to Walmart and they contacted them and they were supposed to get back to me within 48 hours. It has been weeks and they have not ever gotten back to me and they have never sent the merchandise that I ordered. I love the Dobie scrubbers but I certainly do not like the customer service from this company.

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