Based on 12 customer reviews Homesquare is rated 1.2 out of 5. They have been selling on Walmart Marketplace since 2016. They sell Pemberly Row, Bowery Hill, Kingfisher Lane, Sauder and Home Square products in Home, Shop by Brand and Patio & Garden categories.

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I processed an approved return for a product, when I didn't get the return slip, I contacted them to ask for it. They denied by request because it was out of the return time frame, even though I was within the time frame and they failed to send the slip. Poor customer service.

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Absolutely Horrible!!! Zero stars!

This furniture is poor quality and the customer service is an insult. Customer service representatives send general responses and only speaks about the company's 30 day return policy.

Walmart should not sell merchandise from this company because it's bad for business.

Buyers beware!

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I would give a ZERO STAR! They are absolutely evil! They are giving me depressions and anxiety. I ordered via Walmart online BUT canceled order because they weren’t shipping me furniture nor responding to my emails. Therefore, I decided not to go thru another headache with them after all since they were ignoring all my emails for my request asking them to package it securely next time because they send me a broken dresser (chipped drawer and two drawers do not closed, it was a trash!) before and never responded to my emails so Walmart had to step in. No reply of course, but instead 30 minutes later they decided to sent me a notification that it is just shipped! Lie! It is just means that they printed out the label (I know this because I am an eBay seller.). I called Walmart to issue a refund and stopping the shipment. They told me to decline shipment and send it back. So I did manage to call Ceva Logistics near me so they helped. However, homesquare never provides tracking number so they are no way for me or Walmart to see where the package is. When I called Walmart now asking for refund since I managed to decline the shipment and return it to the sender, they told me that I had to wait until homesqare receive the item back. I fought and said that they are no possible way for me to know where the package is because homesquare never provided me the tracking inform though I asked via emails. Walmart said that I just have to wait and call back 7 days later if no refund is given. They said they will help if the package is not returned and received by the seller. I am praying to God that they will help since it is over $1000! I just lost my second job and God knows if unemployment will pay me anything now! It has been over two weeks since homesqare took the money knowingly I already canceled the order! All I can say is to STAY AWAY FROM HOMESQUARE. THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND NEVER RESPOND TO ANY OF YOUR EMAILS AND YOU WILL HAVE TO GO THRU ALL HE EXTREMES TO GET THE MONEY BACK.

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This is a TERRIBLE seller to deal with!!!! I was sent the wrong item and have been trying to get a HUMAN to help me for over a month and get nothing!!! I even called the sales department hoping they could direct me on how to get help (customer service is “email only”—but don’t reply! & they were BEYOND RUDE!! I actually rate them NO stars

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I order a cabinet they never shipped it Iwant my refund no one is helping me what can I do I am ready to go to lawyer this is horrible it been over a month

I'm very upset with the way things turned out with my order. I emailed them with no response.

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Please do not order from this company because the furniture is not worst the price I paid for. They are only concerned about lining their pockets with money. The customer is not important at all.

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This company has been a nightmare! I purchased a table that clearly had a manufacturer's defective. I had to jump through hoops getting them various information in order for them to decide whether they were going to return my money or not. It was ridiculous! Walmart, I can't believe you would do business with a company that doesn't stand by their product. Never Again!

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I purchased an Atlin Designs 5 shelf Curio Cabinet in Tobacco on November 17,2018. It came in on the 26th of November,2018. It was short 2 shelves. I have been calling Walmart with no results can you please tell me how I can get someone to help me with this. My order # is 5921879-340397. Please help.

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After a lot of effort (lucky we have an Engineer in the family) we were able to put this chair together.

One of pieces was manufactured incorrectly but he was able to work with it to get the chair together and working correctly.

This has been a very stressful process! After many times trying to reach someone that could help us to return this item we finally got an email.

I can't believe the list of items we would have to complete if we wanted to return this chair. UNBELIEVABLE! Most companies give you an RMA number and it is as simple as that.

I have bought a lot of things on line (mostly using Amazon which I should have done for this item!) and NEVER have had such a problem.

I will never order anything again from your company. Shame on Walmart for supporting such an organization and allowing them to sell on their website but not support the returns.


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I can't even get my order from them! Waiting16 days, can't get through their automated phone blah, no response to email either. Stuck here not kknowing what's going on. Will never buy from them again!

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Homesquare sent me the wrong item. I returned it and they charged me for shipping. I paid $25 for nothing. Do not buy anything from them! Shame.

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