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The worst company I have ever dealt with. I tried to cancel 8 hours after the purchase when I realized what Walmart was doing. I have tried to stop the order every day. They tell me to refuse deliver but the order is now 6 days late and its just never ending. Until this is returned I can't get a refund. PLEASE TAKE MY ADVICE DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. AS A BUSINESS PERSON I AM ASHAMED I EVERY ORDERED FROM THEM AND NOW WILL BE PAYING AN ATTORNEY TO HANDLE THIS. WALMART IS ALSO TO BLAME

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There needs to be a class action against HI Fashion. Walmart does not stand behind anything you buy there. I want to cancel an order after 8 hours and its impossible. I didn't realize they are selling knock offs and they are in China. I am just trying to get the order cancelled and a refund Walmart is no help. BUYER BEWARE NEVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY OR WALMART I WISH I COULD GIVE MINUS 100 STARS

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I ordered a 17.6 lb capacity washer and got an 8 lb capacity. They want a picture of the box which I no longer have. Can't return it without the box. Even if I could get them a picture, they would say the box is unusable. Getting the run around on a partial refund. Report these people to wal-mart 800-925-6278 and the Federal Trade commission 202-326-2222

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Utterly the worst company I have ever dealt with! The company takes advantage of people,beware! After spending almost $200.00 on an apartment washer,I finally got an electrician to look at the product.Shame on Wal-Mart for selling this poor washer and as I stated,I now have to pay someone to take it to the dump!!

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I ordered a portable washing machine from these crooks. I was expecting a machine on wheels that would connect to my kitchen sink. A piece of cheap plastic arrived that required a rat guard. It had connections for an exterior faucet. It could not be connected to an interior sink faucet. It was 57 pounds of junk that this 70 year old woman was expected to haul around. I repackaged it immediately and hurt myself returning it to Walmart the day it arrived. I thought I had bought a product from Walmart. Little did I know it was these "people". I am a senior citizen on a low fixed income. It cost me nearly $400. Avoid products. They gave me a $25 coupon for a future product I'll never buy. As yet I have not gotten my money back. Shame on Walmart. I am going to contact the FTC about this Walmart false advertising.

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Product defective. 2 of them once connected automatically make call to no one . Won't let you play music and calls . 1 drop calls waisted money on a product felt being at Walmart would be good.


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I just read everyone's response to their experience with MotherFkers are truly scammers...I purchased a treadmill online for $463. with Walmart and when it arrived it was not the one I order...the run around started as soon as I was contacted by hifashion thru email... the worst experience I've had trying to return and get my money's their email to us...

Dear customer ,

We are so sorry that the item does not meet your expectations.

here are some suggestions you could keep it instead return,please tell us which you prefer:

1.Choose Gift one of the below items instead return:

Just please give us the item link you like .Free shipping No Extra charge,don`t need to return the original item.(copy first and then paste on





2.Partial refund instead return ($10 ):

Our finance team will refund to you within 1 week. Pls check your Walmart account 1 weeks later .

Sincerely hope you could help us to accept these suggestions ,if that is acceptable for you ,tks.

Waiting for your reply and Have a nice day.

Thanks & Best regards,

I've contacted our bank's fraud dept and they are working on crediting our acct. We're hopeful this will be resolved soon.

Stay vigilant !!!

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I ordered a dehydrator through Walmart from hifashion. The dehydrator was delivered. It worked 2 minutes, then cut off. Went I turned it back on, it only blew cold air.

Contacted the company. Against my better judgement, I agree to have them send me a "fuse". A replacement part did arrive over a month later and after the return date (by design- this is a low life company). It was a heating element.

I did replace the heating element. The dehydrator ran for 2 minutes, shut off, and then when turned back on, would only blow cold air.

I have been emailing hifashion through Walmart. The communication from hifashion has gone cold.

I am out $80 and have no hope of ever being refunded by these scammers.

I also, will be VERY careful what I order from in the future. Walmart needs to stop working with low life scammers.

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I ordered a dehydrator on from hifashion. It has been a week and they have not even shipped my product!

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I purchased a chainsaw through Walmart. Com it doesn't work. I have attempted to get a replacement or a refund. Over 2 months and have nether. It is the Worst customer service experience I have ever had.

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I bought one of the Coocheer 5800 chainsaws. About the third use, the little wire clip came off the spark plug. I was able to fix it with a regular spark plug clip. Used it a few more times until in stopped again. Found that the screws came out of the head and blew the head gasket. Trying to find parts or head gasket.

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This seller is a FRAUD!! SCAMMER!! I know this review will mean nothing to this company but I have been trying to return an item I purchased and keep getting the run around from them. They have offered me 60% refund and keep the item and now its 50% and they refuse to send me a shipping label to return my item. Even if they did I doubt I would get my money back! I wish 0 stars was an option!

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This is a follow up to the review that I posted on April 5 in regards to a "hifashion" (this is the way this company spells it) treadmill that was sent to me. Just to reveiw my previous review, hifashion sent me the wrong treadmill. The treadmill that I ordered was supposedly a $4,000 treadmill that was being discontinued for 7$25. Of course the "$4,000" add on the Walmart website was an exaggeration if not a downright lie. In exchanging e-mails with this company I can see that the truth is not their best friend. Anyway, I asked them to take back the wrong treadmill but they wouldn't do it. Instead they insisted they sent me the right e-mail because they use different names for their treadmill depending on whether it goes to Europe or the USA. Nonsense. They advertised on Walmart in the USA so obviously that was a lie. But here is the ridiculous thing; this company wanted me to find a box and send it back to them! The thing weighs 185 LBS and FEDEX won't come to your house to pick up anything over a 150 LBS. Of course hifashion claims that the product WAS 150 lbs even though the product description says it was 185 lbs. So, this company wanted me to go to my neighbors to borrow a box!! Are they really adults who run this company? Thank goodness WALMART is an honorable American company and refunded my money. I hope that WALMART gets rid of them. Is there a 0 star I can give them?

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I ordered and paid for an Ecoelectric treadmil, 2.25Hp. . $725. It was supposed to arrive on March 31. On March 30 it was dumped on my driveway. I struggled to bring it into my house and discovered that it was a much cheaper treadmill, an Ancheer 1.75 H. I discovered that it came from a company called Hi Fashion. I sent them an e-mail explaining what happened. I got back this strange disconnected badly phrased e-mail asking me to take pictures and send it to them. I did with a detailed description of the treadmill and asking them to replace it. I only get responses from them at night so I assume they are e-mailing from Asia. I suspect it comes from China or Nepal. There was absolutely no way to get Hi Fashion to understand what they did wrong. They kept trying to get me to accept the wrong treadmill. They kept asking me if the treadmill didn't work and why I wanted to return the treadmill. We exchanged five e-mails and this company kept avoiding the real issue. Most of their e-mails were difficult to read and made no sense. Finally, I called Walmart and it refunded me my money. Walmart has integrity but they should stop doing business with Hi Fashion. They are just in business to make money but won't correct mistakes with their shipping and warehouse people.

My advice is to avoid Hi Fashion whatever you do. There is something very wrong with that company. Is there a rating less than 1 Star? If so Hi Fashion has earned it.

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Worse pressure washer ever. 2 days after it arrived i tried to use it not working. Junk !!

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I just ordered a skateboard from HiF/Walmart. Will let u know what happens.

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Been trying to return a 150.00 Coocher Chain Saw that lasted exactly 2 days. Piece of crap that you can't even buy parts for in this country. Another Chinese covid diseased company that should be abolished from ever doing business with this country. Walmart should be ashamed for ever associating with this company and BUYER BEWARE with this company. Look at the fine print. Absolutely and negative 1000 rating.

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Not sure this is going to go anywhere but here it goes. I bought a $500 treadmill from these jokers. Within 3 months the motor burns up. Tried to return it in store was denied. Had me video of the problem and they sent me a replacement motor. Never did work quite right probably because I am not a freaking mechanic or a technician. Walmart said I had to go through them. Ok so I have. New motor burned up hint hint maybe its a defective machine. Now this has been right at a year. Contact hifashion again. They say Im too fat. Hello I know that, thats what I want the treadmill for but I can promise you Im not that big. They asked for videos so I sent them videos. Matter of fact I have a video of the motor burning up with my 150 lb daughter on it. They have sent me part after part and even told me if this part dont work we will send you new one. Assuming that meant a treadmill. Well you know what they say about assuming sure was true on my end for believing their lies. So 3 motors and 5 low controls later I am still stuck with a piece of garbage. To be honest I dont think it was even the right treadmill that I ordered. But I didnt realize that until later and couldnt prove it since they pulled my listing almost immediately. Ding ding ding Walmart they are scammers. So I contact Walmart they sent them a email to refund me which they agreed to do. PLEASE UNDERSTAND AS OF NOW I AM 9 MONTHS INTO THIS WITH NO RESOLUTION. Walmart even sent me to their claims people who not once ever contacted me. I have been told repeatedly that my case has been escalated to the high resolution team but havent had any help yet on that front. Just a bunch of empty promises and useless words from Hifashion and Walmart at this point. After several emails from hifashion after it told walmart they would refund they said nope NO REFUND FOR YOU. So again I contact Walmart and they tell them to refund. Im 9 months in folks how much longer should I have to wait?!?!?! Walmart please please please ditch these sleezeballs. Read the reviews.

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