Based on 9 customer reviews hifashion is rated 1.0 out of 5. They have been selling on Walmart Marketplace since 2017. They sell ONLINE, Hifashion, Hascon, Ancheer and Studiostore products in Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Sports & Outdoors and Home categories.

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that stuffpeaceis fullof it all i need is a part, broke in shipping, but they want more stuff or ask you what part is, it what kind of rating do you give to a place like this no stars----they want another picture or video or red marker on parts list what it is---what kind of help is stuffpeace ha.........

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Problem with pressure washer, doesn’t work, trying to return, with no success. Hi fashion terrible co. I will never order online with Walmart. Hi fashion is a sham company Mistake no star rating for this co

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Very disappointed with this company! Disappointed with online! Ordered a $298.00 pressured power washer July 18, 2019 from, with Hifashion as the market item seller. Contacted Hifashion when the item never came and received a response from [email protected], assuring a resend. Never received any item! Hifashion says delivery of a second item on August 30, 2019 at 9:13am, no signature request required on the package and was left at door entry on date. Why would any merchant not request a signature and leave a large box valued $298, openly visible beginning early morning at a residence on a weekday, when didn't receive the first item issued this way? I assured Hifashion receipt of no items and could provide the police reports if needed for a final resolution of a sent item or a refund; and have continued to ask Hifashion to resend the already paid for item and assure I receive by signature; or ideally now, to refund the original payment, with no further response from merchant or [email protected] after asking for a resolution or refund multiple times. Currently awaiting since August for something ordered and paid for in July this year, with months of an email thread communication from [email protected] to affirm. Hifashion has not returned any messages and [email protected] responded lastly with

Dear customer ,

We sent to you twice , both not received , we are unable to resend again , please understand

--Hifashion Customer Service

Please E-mail us at [email protected]

on September 12, 2019 and no other responses to any communication after.

How inappropriate of a company to ask someone to forgive no receipt of something paid $298 for, months ago, as if it is a proper normality of business!

Hifashion thinks it is acceptable to tell a customer to pay them hundreds of dollars and be okay to expect nothing. I did business with online and my money was taken from me by the item seller Hifashion, as it is now October and I don't have a power washer or money back as requested, with a fear of no solution from merchant in site.

I will not order with forward with this partner merchant and I still actively want my money back! Consumers, if you'd like to pay for items you might not receive then here is the merchant to go with. Likely a better option to go with their competitor next time!

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This is a sham company of I ever seen one. Ordered a pressure washer it worked a few times then broke after contacting customer service we were told we could get a partial refund but they were not going to do anything else even though and descriptions for our product it says year warranty. We cannot get anyone to help us and our emails are being ignored now. Cheap crap made by crooks...

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What a terrible experience! Never order anything from Hifashion! They are crooks. I don’t even think the mob will do business with these crooks because even the mob has a code. C’mon Walmart, you are better than this! As customers, we deserve better than this. Dump Hifashion and please do better due diligence when working with 3rd party companies. I wish I could give zero stars.

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I purchased a dehydrator which is OK- but ended up with two.( I didn't realize that I had ordered on my computer and the item was in my cart while I was checking my cell phone,so I ordered it again!) I requested to return one because I HAD MADE A MISTAKE! They were going to charge me to ship ity back PLUS only give me $20 back (for a $53 item!) I contacted Walmart and they proceeded to contact Hifashion for me which in turn did nothing for the good return deal they offered me. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY! They are crooks! I wouldn't even give them one star,but cannot post without it! Walmart needs to dump this company NOW!

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DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! Walmart should really vet the companies that they use as 3rd party vendors. These guys falsely advertise their prices, which is normal for these “slashed prices” companies that you see all over now, but Walmart SHOULD NOT ENDORSE THEM. I bought a pressure washer with a supposed slashed price ($92 - reg over $400). Sort of my fault because I should have known better, but assumed I could just return it if it sucked. Well, it sucked and Walmart would not take it back. This company was going to charge me to box it up and return it, stating that it was expensive, but they would only give free shipping if it showed up damaged. I don’t shop anywhere that has that policy, and there aren’t many around any more. Beware and make sure you pay attention to who is shipping out your items.

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The Machine they sale are always having issues and their customer service is (They don't know the meaning of Customer Service), I purchased a treadmill 2 and half month ago and a pressure washer, both of them are bad. They don't respond.

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this company make a habit of cheating people,I ordered a shower hose and received a wash rag,a wash rag,hifashio refused to do anything about it, star was being generous,

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