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Did a little research, hopefully the authorities will follow up and shut that down:

Briobiotic LLC

180 Stone Rd

Gilmanton, NH 03237

Contact: Michael Boland Fogg

Phone: (603) 630-4211

They tried last night 6 times!!! Obviously, the password has been changed, so no luck for these low-lives this time...

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Same thing happened to me today. Fraudulent order for over $245 charged to my credit card today. And to top it off, they somehow have access to UPS shipping and tracking to show that order was delivered to my house, which it was not. Already contacted credit card company, walmart and UPS... ANYONE PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHO ELSE TO CONTACT TO REPORT

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This MOST CERTAINLY is a SCAMMER and Walmart needs to take action. Fraudulent order placed in my name, exactly as described by Lisa in previous complaint using a card on file, plus another order that was caught as fraudulent by my bank and cancelled before it could be charged. Getting the authorities involved...

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Company appears to be a scam. It looks like they are hacking customers' accounts to place multiple fraudulent orders with credits cards customers have on file (with very high, price-gauging prices --> Think $50 for a can of dog food). Then, then provide fake tracking (dated prior to when the order was made) to the correct address to say they shipped the order. Already reported to Walmart to investigate.

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