Based on 6 customer reviews Avenue A Stores LLC is rated 1.0 out of 5. They have been selling on Walmart Marketplace since 2019. They sell Grillaholics, L'Oreal Paris, LR Resources, Greenworks and La Roche-Posay products in Beauty, Home and Electronics categories.

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How to Swindle - write an ad that is not accurate, then argue its the Buyer's fault. How many swindles happen whereby the Buyer doesn't request a refund - whatever that percentage is is what the Swindler takes home $$$. Just refund to the complainers - there won't be as many as those who do not compalin.

Walmart will do nothing about it. There is nowhere else on the web that allows any Seller to use their site when the seller has a satisfaction rating below 92% . That means the Swindlers kicked off Ebay and Amazon are camping onto the new kid on the block, Walmart.

Your the guinea pig!

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I ordered man wh*re spray paid over $70 for the bottle been using it for 15yrs now ot comes after having a tracking number made days later bit never made it to post office for 1 week then it comes today to open it to find cheap knock off wrapping on the outside, hopeing the company just sealed it cheaply I open the box to find the print on bottle is way wrong location bottle leaked and messed up the paint on a spray nozzle that normally isnt painted and the cap... of course no way to get a hold of them and they sold through a website who has no customer service phone help due to covid 19... calling CC to dispute the charge and they can eat a fat one!!! Needs a Doo doo ranking cause 1 star is way to high... rip off

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Doesnt deserve even a one star according to myself. I ordered a griddle through walmart which came from avenue a on may 4th. Was supposed to arrive may 15th. May 15th it still never left their warehouse. Called walmart to cancel the order on the 17th as the FedEx ticket was made may 6th but they never had FedEx come pick it up. On the 7th, Avenue A asked me what was wrong. Explained the whole thing to them and told them I had chosen to cancel the order as the item had not even left their warehouse as of the 18th. No contact info on the email so I couldn't just call to speak with someone. Next email I got at the close of business that day was "we found your order it will be there on the 20th" I told you all I cancelled it I don't want it. Nobody responded to that email. i ordered another that came straight from walmart next day shipping. It shouldn't have left the warehouse in the first place. Walmart told you not to ship it as i didn't want it. So why would you then call to put it on the truck after you got the notice of cancellation. Then the date got changed to deliver to me 3 different times and I sat outside so I could refuse the order if I had to.....131 lb griddle I was not making the poor guy get it off the truck just to put it back on if need be. I called FedEx to turn it around on the 18th before it even left south Carolina where they are located. Avenue a waited til it got to the last stop before it got on a truck headed towards my house when they finally turned the package around. I was supposed to receive my refund Friday the 22nd but since it has yet to reach them I won't see my refund until the 29th now as that is when they are supposed to receive the to get returned to them keeps getting postponed which holds my money up. I feel like they are doing it on purpose so that it doesn't return to them until its too late for me to get a refund. Never again will I order anything from this company even indirectly as I did through Walmart.

Been in contact with walmart letting them know where the package is and how long it is taking them to get it back to the warehouse. I should have let it get delivered and drove it back to south Carolina myself....i could have had it there in 2 days.....not taken 3 weeks to get it up to ohio and another week and half two weeks to get it back down to south carolina...last check this evening was in north carolina and it supposedly gonna take a week to get to soufh husband drives truck and I love road trips....try again. Was to Missouri and back in less than 3 days from Ohio. My family and. I are never gonna buy anything that comes from this company again.

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This company is a joke. I didn’t receive an item because FedEx messed up but said my item was delivered. Date and time that it was supposedly delivered was same time I was working in my home office right by my front door where everything I order is placed plus my fiancé would have been walking in the door around the same time after work. FedEx declined my missing claim and this company did nothing to refund or replace the item. Just told me to contact my neighbors which I already had done and file claims which were already denied. Where is my balance ball chair I desperately needed for my office? Who knows, but it certainly isn’t at my house!! I will never buy from this company again. Just people trying to make a quick buck, not caring about customer service. That goes for FedEx as well! I would give no stars if able!! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

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paid $15-00 for the smallest tube of toothpaste ever = giant ripoff - hope they go out of business !!! one star is tooo good

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I ordered and paid for the 3 pack and they only sent 1 pack. No easy way to contact seller for the remaining packs. Who wants to deal with processing a return because of their lack of service!?! Rip off!

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