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Firstly don’t believe anything you hear from the lady called Sapna (Business Growth Consultant) at Armaan Resales due to her misrepresentations. She lies and gives fake information (screen shots) that previous clients have made a certain amount of sales in the first 3 months etc. (I have evidence of these emails). These are very high sales, which can’t be achieved without Amazon pulling you up and investigating this. I only had a small amount of sales and was told the store was deactivated due to a high volume of sales. Then shortly later I was advised by Amazon that the items were not being delivered, possible illegal activity that included fraud. This all entails a breach of contract, as ‘Armaan Resales’ (franchisor) are not fulfilling their obligations.

There are a huge amount of sales that occur, but there are a very high amount of refunds due to items either not arriving to the customer or not being sent out by ‘Armaan Resales’, so the store deliberately gets deactivated. This in turn has made my business, the company look bad and ruined the reputation.

‘Armaan Resales’ claim that they are expertise in the drop shipping industry, which is untruthful as they couldn’t deliver the items they provide myself that are sold on the store. There were over 35+ A-Z refunds for the month of June (2022) alone.

‘Armaan Resales’ do not follow policies of Amazon, they are not adhered to. When my listings were uploaded, I received multiple violations (all categories – intellectual, suspected, listing policy, restricted products etc). When appealing for these, some of the templates that were given by ‘Armaan Resales’, didn’t at times authorise the appeal.

There complete money-back-guarantee in the contract is fake, a scam and can’t be activated unless the store has been active for 12 months. My store was only active for 4 months only and has been deactivated for nearly 9 months (From May 2022). There has been six (6) appeals to Amazon, which were all rejected, due to high sales, deceptive, fraudulent, and illegal activity. This was all to do with ‘Armaan Resales’ not fulfilling their duties and not been able to provide relevant invoices / paperwork of the items to Amazon. When requesting for an update on each of the Appeals, they say it will take 3-5 working days. Again another lie, as it takes 3 – 5 weeks and you have to keep chasing them for it or they don’t work on it.

The question is, ‘How can a store be active for 12 months to achieve your ROI back, when ‘Armaan Resales’ are not delivering the items and using a low budget cheap courier service with no Tracking information for the customers’??

‘Armaan Resales’ over promise and under deliver. When feedback was provided or even truthful issues and concerns, they sweep it under the carpet, and pretend it didn’t occur. Most of the workforce at ‘Armaan Resales’ are dishonest, unprofessional and disrespectful. Majority of the staff have ignored me initially until you re-forward the email once or even twice to get a possible reply. What I have realised is that ‘Armaan Resales’ favour a certain amount of clients and fob off the others, once they receive your initial investment.

Lastly, I am very surprised that there are a number of positive reviews on here. This must be fake reviews or they are people who have been paid to apply positive pre-scripted reviews. The only other aspect on these positive reviews that are applied are from the staff working at ‘Armaan Resales’.

A further review (Part 2) will be applied at a future date, with further information on how I was treated with their unprofessional fraudulent attitude and why NOT to go with this scam of a company - ‘Armaan Resales’.

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This is a scam. The company promises you a money back guarantee if your store does not perform however this is just a false promise. I have been with them.since October 2021 and I have had an awful experience with them. Listings they provide get you banned from Amazon and you literally money due to high refunds. They promise to sell your listings however this is another way they are buying time. As of today they have failed to deliver on the money back guarantee and simply given up and now are pushing the blame on me that they business listings.which they provide have failed.

A total waste of money and time. Their staff are con artists and should be in jail for fraud. Do not fall for their lies.

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Dealing with Armaan resales is a nightmare!

Never give them your money!

All the time there are promises, but no results!

They promise impossible things all the time, but when you start to understand that it's just a scam and start asking specific questions, they don't answer or just ignore you, excuse that the employee who asked the question is sick or something like that.

I have only lost money with them and continue to lose money because they don't keep their money back promise after 12 months if results are not achieved!

In my case after 12 months I am given a contract with their subsidiary company Zazia LTD, this contract is full of contradictions and completely questionable information, in addition, the contract states that they will try to sell the listings that did not work for me to someone else (so they will deliberately cheat someone with a product that doesn't work), plus if the listing doesn't sell, I'll have to pay at least £5,000 for their marketing costs.

In the email, they claim that the chance is slim, but experience so far has shown that if there is a chance for things to go wrong, they will.

When I ask specific questions about the contract, they can't answer it themselves because it's clear that it's another scheme to defraud the person again and get an extra 5,000 pounds, even though I've already given them 9,500 and they have to pay it back.

Save yourself the trouble and don't deal with these people! A scam to scam people!

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This is a horrible scam. They take your money, the shop looks like it's doing OK and then all of a sudden the refunds started coming in because of non delivery of products. I've had the shop for 19 months, it's been deactivated for more than 12 months because of the products they give you. I had to write an apology email to one of the other suppliers on Amazon to say that I am sorry that I am selling his product in my shop (all of the product uploads come from Armaan. I asked them for my money back, not even the money for the store as they don't want to give that back, more than a thousand pounds that I have in a wallet with them. They don't want to give me my own money because they want me to remove my reviews from platforms and then they will help me. I have all the emails to prove it. They keep on saying that they haven't done business with me or that I am not telling the truth when I post on platform. After I send the mails to the review platforms they leave my reviews on. This is a horrible business. If you are looking to throw money away.... invest in this business.

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This is a serious warning to anyone who is planning or currently dealing through Armaan.

I signed up 16 months ago. One month later, due entirely to Armaan's incompetence, my accounts were suspended by Amazon.

To this day, it has not been resolved, and Armaan has no interest.

Their support is almost non existing and hugely incompetent.

Just stay away!

This is a huge waste of your money and time

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