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First off, thanks to everyone here who posted reviews on their experiences with Target Tree Inc to help others avoid similar problems. I'm trying to do my part here too, now.

In mid-November 2018 I ordered a PS4 Cooling/ Remote Charging Station through the website. Unfortunately, it was only after I confirmed the order to be processed that I noticed on the receipt page that this item would be through a third party seller, Target Tree Inc. (I didn't even know Walmart worked with third party sellers, but I guess it makes sense, that's how things are going nowadays.) I can't say for sure if the item source was even listed in the product description or not, I never noticed Target Tree before the receipt page came up, so I can't say for sure if I could have avoided them altogether in the first place. Whatever, I waited for my item.

I only thought something was weird when I got the first text message from DHL shipping a few weeks later stating that I would owe $20 for customs charges to receive my item. Now, I ordered through the Canadian Walmart website with no mention of possible additional charges, so I thought that was unacceptable, and it seemed scammy that I would have to pay customs charges. That's when I started checking around with Target Tree. Thanks to other reviewers found here, I read that many other customers had similar "bogus customs charges" just so they could get their item. They all mentioned that the products they received (after paying the fees) were either faulty/broken or completely the wrong item. Of course, now that the package had been delivered to the buyer, Walmart would wash their hands of it, saying their claims resided solely between the buyer and third party seller. Figures Walmart would do nothing to protect it's loyal customers, heartless corporation. You've probably read the other reviews, about how customers were then stuck with bogus products, stuck trying to negotiate with a scam company (Target Tree) who would never issue refunds, and it being too expensive to send back internationally. Another guy who said he ordered a PS4 charging stand said they sent him an infrared thermometer. WTF?? It really is a scam, I feel so sorry for some of the customers here who got royally fleeced and I hope they get retribution somehow.

So, thanks to their reviews, I decided not to pay the customs charge, and instead refuse the package. That way, my claim would remain with Walmart in that I paid them for a product which I never received, because I refused it on the grounds of a scammy/faulty third party, and also, I couldn't even get in touch with them to begin with. (Target Tree's online presence is virtually non-existent. No email, no phone number, no website.) The only info I could find was here, on Walmart's Third Party Seller list. There's a phone number, which always came up as "Not in Service" when dialed, and the only way I could find to email them was through Walmart's liaison messaging, so there was no direct address (email or physical) for me to mail directly.

The other big problem is DHL. They run like a shit company, the worst for delivery, which is probably why Target Tree uses them. When I talked to Walmart customer service about all this, they said the item needs to be sent back to the seller before they could process a refund for me. So, I had to call several times to DHL to get them to send the package back. Every time I was assured it would be refused on my behalf and sent back to the seller, but it never happened, I'd always be receiving notifications saying my package was still awaiting me to pick it up. A month later (I think that was actually the end of the standard holding period, 30 days) they contacted the seller for directions regarding what they should do with the package, to which Target Tree then instructed them to destroy it. Yes, destroy it. It was a PS4 Charging/ Cooling Base worth over a hundred clams, yet they said to destroy it. Scammy indeed, it was probably just a lampshade that they tried to send me. Anyway, I requested a written notification from DHL regarding the destruction of the package, which they've just sent me, so at least now I have that. Just spoke to Walmart Customer Service Once again to explain that the package was destroyed by the shipper at the seller's instruction, I cannot get in contact with Target Tree myself, and they owe me a refund. Supposedly, it's in the works, ASAP. I'll believe it when I see it.

So, all in all, I'm nearing two and a half months into this process of trying to get a refund from Definitely the last time I'll shop online through those clowns.

Oh, and for anyone else having trouble just trying to TALK to a gad-dang Online Walmart Customer Service Rep, here's the number.


And there's a menu selection number you won't hear (on purpose), they only say numbers 1-5. You have to press 6 to talk to someone.

So, call the 1-800... number, then press 1 for English (2 for French), then press 1 for Online shit, then ignore all that other menu crap they give you and just press 6 to talk to someone.

Best of luck out there, ladies and gents. Target tree can eat a big D. And so can Walmart for continuing to allow these jerks to sell to unsuspecting patrons, especially after all the claims against them.


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I too am in the same position with them . Ordered a Christmas gift Nov 12 , 2018 was immediately charged for it on my Visa but have yet to receive it . It says was shipped Nov 30 2018 .

Why does Walmart allow such a disreputable company any web space . They are scam artists and makes me reconsider ordering anything from Walmart .

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This company is terrible, I'm not sure why Walmart deals with them and gives them space on their website. My experience has been exactly the same as noted above. It took over a month to receive the product and major parts were missing from it so it didn't work and for compensation they offer me a couple bucks.....Walmart needs to remove this vendor, they are terrible. Seriously don't use this vendor!!! It is amazing how all the reviews are so consistent.

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I ordered an airtrack for my daughter as a Christmas present. The delivery was a gong show... but the worst part was the actual product. The airtrack was discloured and was just thrown into the box. No proper packaging materials, or instructions on how to inflate, etc. No invoice and no return shipping label. Opened it up to inflate and there were cracks down the entire length of the mat. So I tried to put air into it, but it would not inflate properly. Wrinkles in the mat and glue all over. It looked like it had been put together in someone’s basement. Walmart initially had me deal with Target Treehouse directly to resolve the return, etc. Treehouse would not accept a return and first offered a $50 refund for a $300 item and then a $100 refund. This is a joke of a company and why Walmart continues to allow them to sell products through them, I don’t get. I was getting no where with walmart customer service. I sent a facebook message to Walmart Canada and they stated I could return it to the store, which i did with no issues. Walmart needs to ban this company from selling on their site and step up their game. I will never purchase through Walmart online. I’ll keep my business with Amazon, thanks.

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Wow, ordered a charging base for a ps4 remote and received an infrared thermometer?!? They checked with the warehouse and confirmed they sent the wrong item. When I complained I was told it would be expensive to ship back and I was offered 50% compensation, and that what was sent to me was a similar product, and I could always try to sell it. Not sure how it was similar but I said 50% compensation was a joke. Asked them to just resend the item I ordered. I then received an email that they asked the warehouse to resend but it is “currently out of stock”. They now offered 100% compensation. I already got my money back from Walmart so I don’t have to talk to them anymore. Guess I was dumb thinking when I ordered something from Walmart it wasn’t from them but a third party. Lesson learned.

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The Worst! I thought I was ordering something from Canada considering is a Canadian website. Then I get texts from some courier I don't recognize saying I owe $23.64 in duty and taxes. I'm thinking its fraudulent. Only to find out the light sensors I ordered are coming from Hong Kong!!! If I wanted something from Hong Kong, I would have used Ebay!! Then I receive the product (light motion sensors) and they are so cheap and poor quality. One doesn't work at all and the other motion sensor doesn't work although the light turns on. Walmart has to stand behind their sellers. I'm not finished with walmart and I'm not finished with Target tree as I'm trying to get my money back. Never again!!!!! Can't leave Zero Stars!!!! But, I would!!!

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Ordered a Christmas present on Nov 28th, never received the package. Was told by WMart to contact the crooks Target Tree Inc. Target said is blaming Canada Posts. Canada Posts have never received the package. Email back and forth with Target. USELESS...... I suspect they are not even here in Canada since they always respond after 3 pm. I received an email from them at 3:28 am. Their English is terrible. Not professionnal at all. Mr. Pat Foran from consumer alert CTV is the next step. Let's see what WMart has to say, probably nothing.

Copy of their emails below: Dear buyer, Thank you for your kindness and patience. We have been dealing with our carrier and given the tracking number- to them. They have promised that your package will be processed first. You could also contact the carrier to speed up the process. Have a nice day. Regards, CS--------------------------------Dear customer, Thank you for contacting us. We ensure that we have shipped out your parcel from our office within 24 hours after you paid. It was delayed due to LABOUR DISRUPTION in OTTAWA. we do not want that happen. so sorry about that. logistics information shows that: it was about to be delivered. We believe that you will receive it soon. You are our important customer, and your purchasing experience is of vital importance to us. How about we refund you 10% as delay compensation, OK? If you agree, we will refund you when you receive it, OK? Waiting for your reply soon. Best regards, Customer Service--------------------------------Dear customer, So sorry for any inconvenience. I am afraid that it is too late to cancel or recall it now cos it is in transit. However, we also have a suggestion. If you do not want it: Please refuse to sign it when postman send you the package, then the item will be returned to the shipper. we will refund 100% in 24 hours when we receive it. So sorry for wasting your time. Really appreciate your early reply, thanks. Best regards, Customer Service

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This Company is a total loser...they give you a price in full and you pay that amount...then we you get to receive the package all of a sudden there is $22.47 duty due on a $20.00 item what a bunch of crooks....There is no mention anywhere there will be an additional fee charged for duty///Why would Walmart deal with shysters like this....

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Walmart is partner in crime since they are not removing this seller even when every buyer is complaining.

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I've never seen this kinds of bad service before. I purchased one jacket from and received the shipping email immidiately, But I haven't received anything and any email after 20 days. I called customer service several times in two weeks and finally was told that my order had never been shipped out by Target Tree Inc . I contacted with Target Tree Inc and was told my package was lost... Cannot believe how did this happen! Haven't got my refund yet and hopefully they will give me refund as promised... This is the first time I am trying to buy something from, but I believe this is also the last time. NEVER NEVER buy anything from and Target Tree Inc !!!

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Same for me as said above ,!, Finally got it over a week later than originally stated , and only after many , many Emails back & forth with them and Walmart , as for Walmart , USELESS , ABSOLUTELY USELESS !!!! . They take the order , and the money , and say that they won't take the money until the item ships , LIARS !! , they took my money next day and the item never shipped for 7 or 8 days later after the Walmart delivery date, Walmart is complicit in this B.S. and Target Tree is the Worst , oh ya , they offered me TWO DOLLARS for compensation , This is how Walmart operates , blame it on 3rd. party supplier , ! their Supplier , USELESS

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I ordered a moon lamp for my daughter's birthday. Not only did it arrive a week later than promised, it does not work. It was supposed to come with a remote - no remote was included in the box. The lamp does not turn on. I have contacted them repeatedly and have received only a response that I must not know how to turn it on and I should send them a video and then an offer of a refund of $10 for an item that I paid $40 for. This company is totally fraudulent. I will never buy anything from them again. I expected better service from a company associated with Walmart -looks bad on you Walmart.

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I ordered a tablet for my daughter and it has been a week and the item has not even shipped. Their shipping policy states items will be shipped within one day. I have been calling about 10 times a day for 2 days now and nobody ever answers the phone. If i knew this item was coming from a company like this I would not have ordered. I do not recommend ordering from this company. The service is horrible.

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