Based on 5 customer reviews Steady Outdoor Products USA is rated 1.0 out of 5. They have been selling on Walmart Marketplace since 2020. They sell Unranded, Unbraned, Unbrnaded, Steady-WIWI and Steady Clothing products in Home, Toys and Sports & Outdoors categories.

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We purchased a wedding party gazebo canopy in Feb. Never put it up before our camping trip in April. Upon putting up this canopy it was broken in two places. We paid 122.56 for a defective canopy! Now we can't return to Wal-Mart and Steady does not answer the phone. You have to leave a message! Don't purchase anything from them! You may get a damaged product and you only have 30 days to return.

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Stay away. Ordered a bicycle, they took money, said it was shipped next day. Never received. I contacted UPS, who said a shipping label was created 8 days earlier but nothing was ever shipped. They are not supposed to charge me until the product ships. Now they have my money and I have no bicycle.

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Praying you respond to my email. My weights product were broken and damaged so badly. I am so disappointed with customer service for both Walmart and this site. I wouldn’t buy from them!!!

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I've given you a rating of "1" but would give less than that if I could because that's

what you deserve.

I ordered a scooter for christmas for my grandson. The initial order said "Delivery December 23, 2020.

I knew that was close to Christmas, but had faith it would arrive. Then came the delays with all the package shipping,

so I had patience. The day after Christmas, I went out and checked my order and it looks as though it has never

left the vendor.

What a bummer to have one scooter (another brand) arrive and one not. The grandsons were not pleased;

I followed up with a note inquiring about my order. I received a message saying the vendor would contact

me within 48 hours (attached) ...Eight days later, I've not heard one word from ANYONE.

Please cancel my order AND REMOVE ANY CHARGES FROM MY CREDIT CARD. I've ordered from Amazon.


(Sales Order ID: 6032056543037

Item ID: 626979088

Item: Adult Scooter, Height Adjustable And Oversized Wheels, Youth Folding Scooter


My Adult Scooter, Height Adjustable And Oversized Wheels, Youth Folding Scooter Sold by Steady Outdoor Products USA was supposed to be delivered on 12/23; however, it looks as though it never left the factory. The shipper has no packages for me. When can I expect this scooter please?


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I ordered the Leisure 20in 7 Speed City Folding Mini Compact Bike Bicycle Urban Commuters, from Steady Outdoor Products USA, back on Nov 27. Got a “Just Shipped” notification with a tracking number from FedEx and my credit card was charged. Then noticed, via the tracking number, that the sender canceled the order. “FedEx notified to void this shipment” is what the notice said when checking the tracking number. Steady Outdoor Products USA, did not contact me, and did not refund the charge. I contacted Walmart, and they tried to contact the company. After two days, when I contacted Walmart again, I was told the company did not respond to Walmart. Walmart then immediately processed a refund. I can't recommend doing business with Steady Outdoor Products USA.

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