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This company is terrible, the leadership is non-existence. They got a lady from prison she's fresh out of prison her name is Sylvia she runs the line, she treats people like trash, she talked to you in verbally abused everybody in the company she demands that you get over here get over there lift that box put that box down put that box over there. They treat their employees like slaves. It's hot in there they work you for long hours they treat you like slaves. Sylvia is a demon running around there she's a demon. They have an actual demon running the floor she's fresh out of prison and she talks to everybody like she's fresh out of prison. She acts like a man but she's a female, they miss you abuse and treat the employees like slaves. They don't care about you they do what they want to you and they don't give a care about you. Sylvia is running around there treating everybody like slaves she is a demon. I will warn you not to buy from this company or work for this company they are a threat to America society. It is a sweatshop they treat the employees like Korean and Chinese sweatshop slaves it is a terrible place to work Sylvia is a demon there they treat you like slaves I would advise that you do not buy from this company neither do I advise that you work for this company you will be treated as a slave!

This place is terrible a terrible place to work simply because they treat you like a slave. They work you long hours, they talk to you like your trash all of the managers on the floor treat you like your trash they treat you like you're nothing but a number. Sylvia is the ringleader her and Joe Sylvia is a Spanish lady running around there treating people like slaves Joe is a Caucasian guy that they just hired running around there treating people like slaves. They both tag team on you Joe and Sylvia tag team on you and treat you like a slave and make you feel like you're nothing. Sylvia is a demon she talks to people in verbally abuse them. She must be fired!

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