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scammers, do not buy from these crooks

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Negative one - Ordered a Black and Decker vacuum, and received a totally different vacuum. Emails went back and forth trying to convince me to keep their product. So frustrating. Questioning what kind of businesses Walmart is willing to work with. Hesitant in buying anything through Walmart again.

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Worst customer service. If you buy it from Walmart they do not let you return this product even if its untouched in the same box with the receipt within 30 days ...Rip off.

Stay away from this company and its products

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Samonline is a scam organization supported and enabled by!

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An fraudulent order was placed with this company via I contacted them with 3 hours of the fraudulent order being placed. Received an email that I'd here back in 24 hours. Three days later they email, but the email didn't at all address my issue. I replied and let them know. I still have not received a second reply from them. Horrible service.

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Such a ridiculous joke of a company. I am completely shocked how Walmart still allows them to do business on their platform. Bunch of thieves. I ordered a vacuum and they intentionally sent me the wrong one. Then they tried convincing me to keep it. And they take 5 days to respond to each email. Each time they have a new excuse. Either it's because of the busy holidays or because of the weekend. And then when I demand that they send me the correct product they say that it is out of stock but then when I go back on their website it's still up for sale which proves to me that theyre are a bunch of crooks. Eventually I got Walmart to manually give me a refund without dealing with them directly and they said I could just toss the vacuum in the trash. It's a piece of junk. Then they had the audacity to ask me to kindly ship it back because they see that Walmart gave me a refund. Haha. I wouldn't even waste my ink on printing a return label for them. Good riddance.

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This seller is a complete joke and scam.

Looking at the reviews, I also wished I had read some reviews before buying from them. I ordered a handheld vacuum cleaner after Christmas only to discover they mailed the wrong one. I got in contact with them and they responded a few days later “due to holiday season”, which I believed at the time. Then they tried to offer different compensations for 3 different times when I refused to take the product as is and wanted a full refund.

The person refused to give me a shipping label, so I called Walmart to tell them and they agreed to take care of this and emailed me a return label and issue a full refund right away.

Does this seller REALLY think they can get away with mailing people the wrong thing and then using “busy holiday season” as an excuse every time as well as offering various compensations for the consumer to keep a product that they didn’t buy?

My last email to them was last Thursday morning and as of today, Monday morning, I just received another email saying “ You can really have a try, it won't let you down.

Sorry for all the inconvenience caused to you.”

No, thank you. I don’t want to keep and use something I didn’t purchase in the first place. Walmart should really take a look into this because this results in many angry customers.

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Intentionally shipped a vacuum that was not the model or brand that was ordered. Had I read reviews of Samonline I would have never ordered it. They are simply a fraudulent company.

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If I could do a negative star I would. I bought a robot vacuum cleaner as a Christmas gift for my elderly parents who did not need all the balls and whistles that come with some vacuums. A simple robot vacuum to go around a do some sweeping for them. The robot vacuum opened on Christmas day and tested while I was there was defective. It would stay in one small area and go back and forth. We tried moving it to another area and same thing.

The robot vacuum was listed at Walmart for $120 ish and marked down for a Christmas item. I contacted the company as soon as I got back to Ohio using the Walmart return function. I get an email from the company how admitted their product is cheap, so why was it originally listed not cheap and why would they sell it at all! See remark in quotes.

"And as you know this vacuum is cheap which has no function of cleaning the carpet (I never said anything about carpet in my retun message and my parents do not have carpet). Hope your understanding. Sincerely, Minki

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! : ) " samonline.png Minki Chen

After requesting the refund again, their response is to send the a video. I am in Ohio and my parents are in Texas. They are older and are not able to send a video.

Admitting the product is cheap, I cannot believe they are still pushing back on the refund.

With such low ratings Walmart why do you still work with this company!!????

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Ordered an item from this seller and was sent the incorrect item. I ordered a $129.99 shelf and received a $79.99 shelf. When I contacted this seller through Walmart to let them know about the mishap, I was asked to confirm with pictures. I sent the pictures and everything seemed to be going well. Conventional business ethics in the united states would suggest the predictable solution of returning the incorrect item and receiving the originally ordered item. Emails took an entire 24 hours to be answered, and when I received the emails, i was left with little hope as I was offered partial refunds of $50 and later, $80. They resisted my wishes to send the item back for even a full refund. The emails received were in broken English and they kept insisting the lack of manpower and profit would make a return cost them too much effort... Due to their incompetence I am out on money and have a lousy bookshelf that they insist i should keep and give away to someone else, all the while accepting an insulting partial refund of $80. This seller has the priorities skewed in terms of how a proper business should operate, and judging by the other reviews on here; I wasn't alone. This was ultimately fixed by contacting Walmart over the phone and getting them to send this seller a message to send me a return label. The seller copy and pasted a previous email in response... So then the next step was getting in contact with the resolutions team. After explaining everything that had been going on, I was given a full refund and since they clearly don't want the shelf back; The shelf will be given away to a family member. This seller will scam you if the item is defective or incorrect. If you have issues, contact daddy Walmart over the phone, they will sort the nonsense out.

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Terrible. I ordered an item from Walmart which comes from Samoline. I never received the item. When I contacted them they told me check tracking number. I did. It shows no updates. Now they will not answer my questions.

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Scam seller!!! Don't buy from this seller unless you want your package delivered to another state??? Other reviews also say their order was sent to another state. The phone number listed is not active, emails not returned. Walmart I'm ashamed of you for letting this seller sell on your site with all the complaints! Terrible!!!!! 0 stars from me!

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Bought the 3-in-1 stud finder & it is the most unreliable tool I've ever owned. Identifies things in the wall that aren't there & identifies studs randomly if at all. Of course I wasted money because it is past the 30 days but I can't rely on it at all. I'll never buy off brand again & definitely not from this seller.

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I should have read all of these reviews before I purchased a vacuum from the Samonline company on

I myself had a horrible experience trying to return a vacuum that I had purchased. I also had purchased a warranty from along with the vacuum. When I wasn’t happy with the vacuum’s performance the company suggested I take it to a repair shop and or turn it over to them to take 2 months to repair. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT!! Just wasn’t happy with the performance. Unbelievable and Walmart will also be hearing from me about the warranty and how it served me no help when I wanted to return it to the store. The Samonline company also was adamant about me taking a video of the issue. Many emails later and problem wasn’t solved. Guess I’m stuck with a crappy vacuum. Hoping no one else gets bamboozled by Samonline.

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I received the item within the expected amount of time, but it under performed as opposed to how it was described online. I tried to send it back and received an email from someone on their Customer Service Team, but it's a free gmail account instead of belonging to an actual company. Worse yet, the provided phone number goes to a Magic Jack account. I have brought this matter to the attention of my Credit Card company, and am actively disputing the charge; hopefully this will get me results of one form or another. I would also like to point out that after my purchase I came across these reviews, and was surprised to discover that the largest number listed this company at 5 stars. However if you look at those reviews, they simply give a rating with no information provided at all. Also, the only reason I am giving this company a one star rating is zero is not an option...

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ordere a pair of outdoor solar flame lights on November 6,2019. after placing the order I felt uneasy about dealing with this company so I I immediately canceled the order. I received an e-mail from Samonline that the order was canceled and my account would be refunded with-in 3-4 days. never received the refund and called and left a message with the person who sent the e-mail requesting that she be called directly. left messages for her 2 days in a row. no call back. I recommend not doing business with this company as they do not refund your money and should not be listed on less than 1 star if I could.

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Be aware from this seller! Never ever!

I ordered the brand tea kettle and they sent me a cheap something without shipping and return shipping label! When I contacted with them they were playing a games with me! First e-mail said sorry , holiday season( no holiday end of October).

Second e-mail said:

“-Don’t worry , that kettle what they sent has a same functions! Ha?????

3.e-mail said:

Promotion is over, can not send me the item!

Walmart fixed my problem!

They should check out there seller, before they do any deal with scammers!

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Glad I read this before ordering.

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I ordered the 18 drawer shoe rack and Im very unsatisfied .its missing parts and I can't contact anyone about it.some of the plastic already have cracks in so pissed off with Wal-Mart for even allowing this seller to keep getting over.this seller gets a 0 from me and I want my money back

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