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My experience is identical to the above! I reordered laundry soap using the UPC code from the bottle I was still using but it needed to be shipped. I didn't care as I didn't need it right away and some other items were being shipped. I either didn't look at the price or they changed it because I would have never proceeded with the order paying double the normal price. I was sent the 5" X 7" envelope with the tracking number that had the slip of paper asking for a positive review in exchange for a $5 Walmart gift card. Obviously the 128oz. laundry soap was not enclosed. I called customer service and got the song and dance about emailing the third party seller etc. My second call got me a refund and a reassurance the seller would be looked into. I told both of the agents the seller is a scammer but we'll see where that goes.

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ZERO STARS… total scam company, and Walmart doesn’t care. I placed a pick up order for Walmart, some of my items got put in the “shipping category”…and you can’t change it without canceling the whole order, or may not get notified until you pick up your order.

I ordered an 8$ container of cat treats….I picked up the treats at Walmart. Days later my CC notifies me that there is a $39.12 charge for cat treats….cat treats got shipped…the UPC code wasn’t even close to what they claimed to have shipped, and returning it to Walmart was a total nightmare….it was borderline getting accused of a switch even though I had the bag it came in…( it didn’t even come through the mail but from Grand Blanc, Mi store….kicker….NOT THE FIRST TIME IN 2 months…the first time I got charged 32$ for a 3 lb bag of cat food…got charged by this same company…and I had already picked up a 13lb bag from my order at pick up.

TOTAL TRASH COMPANY, and somehow WALMART ENDORSES THEM AND THEIR 4x extra charge. The customer doesn’t “ accidentally click” on these scammers, it happens when you order a pick up, and if it’s not in stock it gets auto shipped. Walmart won’t acknowledge their mistake, but blames the customer because in Michigan when a retailer makes an overcharge mistake, it’s supposed to cost the RETAILER 10x the purchase price…ITS A SCAM PERPETRATED WITH WALMARTS HELP.

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Full scammer selling items

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0 Stars. Received an envelope with message to give them a positive feedback and they’d send a $5.00 Walmart gift card…the item I ordered was not in the envelope. SCAM!

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THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM. Look on WALMART reviews . They mail you a tiny envelope with a piece of paper in in, asking for a review in exchange for a $5.00 Walmart Gift card so they have a first class tracking # so it will say left in mailbox. (delivered). but bottles of cleaning supplies can not fit in the mail. I will advise Walmart CEO and USPS (since they probably make false claims) - and yes their price was double anywhere else.


"I received an envelope that was supposed to contain a large liquid laundry soap. Gain 138 Fl Oz in a 5" X 7" flat envelope.? Obviously that was not in the envelope but your typed letter asking for a positive feedback at which time you would issue me a $5.00 Walmart gift card was enclosed. I understand mistakes happen but this feels like a straight up scam. No one answers your phones at 2pm, you are using multiple email addresses for your business but not responding to any of them, and you claim to be a small upcoming business needing encouragement from people like me. "

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This company is a sponsored seller on the Walmart app. They charge over double what products retail for. It is a very predatory practice. I recently fell for it all due to a misclick and being careless when looking at my cart.

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