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I purchased a PS3 console from these people that was junk. I copied & paste my email so everyone can see & be warned. Their website says if your not satisfied for any reason, they will make it right. IT'S A LIE.


Hello Marie,

I received my PS3 today, was excited to set it up next to my PS4 & PS5 and to my surprise, it didn't work. The console is bad. It powered on with a pixelated screen, so I powered it down, to restart it and it never came back on.

I took a screenshot to show it powered on. I cropped the pic so you can see the green light on the console, however, it's not giving out a signal as you can see on the TV in the background.

This is a hugh disappointment for me. Please make this right, I will like a working console that is tested before it's sent out, please. I'm more than happy to send this paper weight back to you.

Thank you,


They offer a 10% discount coupon for first time purchases. I forgot to apply the coupon. I reached out to support and received 2 replies immediately that said, "sorry" nothing we can do about it". After receiving the piece of junk they sent me, I contacted support multiple times, no response, called their support number (423) 873-8768, left messages, no call back.

If there was a negative star rating, I would give it. 1 Star, is way too many stars for RetroV Games.

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Do not purchase from retro v games I have to spending your money day don't send all your items or they send items that is not working you cannot trust them I'm still waiting for them to send my controller controller for a Nintendo 64 after they advertised something and when I purchased it spending more than $200 on a bundle and controllers and they failed to live up to their advertisement that one controller come with the bundle and I purchased three which means I'm supposed to have full controllers but they sent me three and played all kind of games with me so save yourself the trouble and spend your money somewhere where it's reliable and professional take care and God bless to all

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I purchased a video console and extra controllers but didn't received the whole order so I called the company but they don't want to send the rest of my order instead they want me to pay again to send the rest of my order. Why would I pay again.

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Retrovgames is a SCAM. They sent me an incomplete order, and the items I got were broken and did not work at all. I tried multiple times to get ahold of them; they told me they would call me back or look into something and get back to me and never did. Months went by and they still would not help make any of it right. I had to contact my bank to get my money back. Please do not use Retro v games.

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Already contacted Better Business Bureau in W,DC about imop this thug scam Retro vGames so called Consumer Service Company . Expletive Expletive . Researched n found out they take "donated" junk stuff , sell it , then vastly refuse to return money like ours when it immediately does not operate properly on contact . Scam Artists ? No . Criminally liable in my humble opinion . Fraud more like it . In 3 days not 30 days , repeated phone calls n emails over a 2021 Christmas Gift "refurbished," (yeah , right) PS4 console to these con artists . Console showed on flatscreen TV "not supporting hdmi" . They so far fail our in their contract given a FULL refund WITHIN 30 days for an obvious defective unit . Instead they offer a likely another punk product that will not work right . Stay away from these clowns to save your money . Still trying to get ours back . Hard Lesson Learned .

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I would give no stars if I could for this company. The initial package wasn't labeled correctly and the shipping label was canceled so they had to re-ship. The Xbox One console that I received for Christmas does not turn on at all! I was supposed to get 3 controllers since I paid extra but they were not included initially. The first package only included one controller without a battery pack and without the back panel to hold batteries inside. The next two packages each contained a controller but one of them also didn't have a battery pack or a back panel. The other has a battery pack but it is filthy with tobacco or some other dirty brown filaments filled in and around the battery pack. It was really disgusting. It could have been cleaned before it was sent. I had to buy a new power cord just to find out if the console wouldn't turn on because of the power cord or because the whole console is fubared. It was definitely the console.

I also have been given subpar customer service from all of their representatives. They don't seem to really want to help accomplish anything.

I've submitted a return & refund request but instead of working on it I was told to submit a return request. This is getting more and more ridiculous. I just want to return everything & get a refund! I am submitting scathing reviews everywhere I can on the internet about my experience to add to the already overwhelming negative reviews of this company. I guess I should have looked at those before I did business with Retro vGames instead I was excited to find such a good deal on a console. I know why that is the case now. I hope this will result in them giving me the refund I am owed.

My family is really sad. My nine year old step-son was devastated.

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I made my order Dec 9 been sent multiple emails about how are you likeing the snes ...the one that has not even shipped yet?! And I can't cancel because it's already been shipped..what a load of crap!!..this place is BS!!!!

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Don’t buy from this company, I bought an XBox 360 paid extra for the large hard drive, it came with no hard drive wrong power cord, one remote doesn’t work and I can’t get in touch with anyone. So irritating!

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You keep deleting all the negative feedback. You still have not shipped my items. You have given me two different shipping/tracking numbers but the items just sit there and you do not ship. You are stealing from children when you charge my credit card and do not ship the item. WARNING--- DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. IT IS A SCAM.

Order Number 84849

Placed on 11/23/21

USPS Tracking 9400111108435079365003 (the first time)

USPS Tracking 9400111202555254835055 (the second time)

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I tried to order a retro video game console from this shop. Was contacted saying that the discount code i was given gave me more of a discount - this was something i did not notice when checking out, i just paid the indicated price. I was then told that they would be holding my order until i repaid them the amount that they had discounted me. Never before in my life has a company charged me more for their error, let alone held my package hostage. I tried contacting their customer support to dispute this and was ignored until i went to their website and found the online customer service support person. They told me again that I needed to repay them for their mistake and my order would be on hold until i did so. This was extremely frustrating, so i said i would like to cancel my order. They then disclosed that they had a cancellation policy of charging 15% of the entire order! This was somewhere in the fine print and definitely not noticeable when you were checking out. EXTREMELY DISSATISFIED with just about every aspect of this company.

Long story short .. just save yourself the cash and the headache and take your business elsewhere! They will try and nickel-and-dime you for a service that they absolutely did not provide.

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