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Bought a Garmin VivoActive 4 from Walmart b/c it was 40$ cheaper than bestbuy....WHAT A MISTAKE! The watch came in plastic in a brown box like it was coming from China or some fake factory. There was no Garmin Box like any other Garmin product we have bought in the past.

My wife complained about the watch, and it turned out she was not happy and wanted to return it. no big deal....well these guys never responded to a single email or phone call, 2months later i am still trying to find my refund and have escelated the claim with 2x already.


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I wish I read the review before. Ordered Garmin watch from them and the product cam in plastic packets which raises alarm about its freshness. I mailed Walmart and they told its fresh and genuine. Then I contacted Garmin and they confirmed me that I got a refurbished watch. What a scam!! Completely fraud and genuinely dishonest.

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Wish I had read these reviews sooner! My Garmin Fenix 5 arrived today in a generic white box... Back of watch was all scratched up and I immediately called Garmin to investigate serial number. No surprise, this was a refurbished watch. AND no mention of that on Walmart, my order form, etc. If I wanted a refurbished watch, I could have saved over $100 going through a vendor who actually advertised they were selling refurbished watches...

Refurbished watched have a one year warranty, new have a two year warranty, so I would also lose 1 year of warranty. Walmart should not allow this vendor to sell through them. Omitting this was refurbished sure seems like false advertising to me.

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Do not purchase anything from Honestdeals!

They are anything thing but honest.

I do not understand why Walmart continues to do business with this company that sell used items as new. Of course I had to find out the hard way when I purchased an Nikon Speedlight that arrived repackaged as new, without instructions. I contacted Walmart for a full refund after the vendor continued to email after I asked them to stop this message. " you got issues have a nice day now".

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Received a Canon battery as a Christmas gift. There were Chinese stickers and labels marking it as “Kids polymer clay” covering the Canon lettering on the packaging. Package appeared opened and not sealed like my brand new, genuine Canon battery was.

Since it was a gift, it hadn’t been inspected until Christmas, which was past the 30 day Wal Mart return. Called WM who connected me via phone to Honest Deals. They were just as rude as most people on here claim. Saying I wasn’t making any sense, and the battery is selling for more than what was paid for it, etc. Disgusting....but they did finally say they’d take it back...we’ll see about the refund.

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Purchased a $840 Garmin GPS watch. Received watch in a bubble wrap bag with a USB cable in a unmarked shipping box. Almost Christmas and I'm running out of time to give this as a gift. Honest Deals claim this new and not a refurbished Garmin watch. Will be calling Garmin to find out where this watch came from. Walmart keeps sending me back to Honest Deals. Just looking at their emails tells me something is wrong. I'll also be contacting American Express. Wish I could give them zero stars!

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I would give these fraudsters a zero. Placed order for Garmin. These fraudsters marked shipped days ago but according to USPS only label created. Sent messages to merchant and no response. Walmart refunded money. Read horrible reviews about these fraudsters now. PLEASE AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS

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Warning: I asked if the product I was purchasing was new or refurbished. They cancelled my order and explained that because I only wanted it in retail box, which it is not in, they would cancel. Did not answer my question on if it was refurbished or new, but their actions basically answer that for me. I can buy on Amazon or Best Buy brand new for the same price. Too bad Walmart allows a seller like this on their website.

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HONESTDEALS is neither Honest or a Deal. This company is a sham and a fraud. They try to sell items they claim are NEW, but are USED in reality. This is a lie and false advertising. Beware!

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Absolute crooks! Dishonest, fraudulent, most offensive people I have ever dealt with, and I have the emails to prove it. Same story as many already reported here. Bought "new" Garmin GPS through Walmart/HonestDeals - started to act up within days - HonestDeals referred to Garmin - Garmin said it's refurbished and out of warranty. I accused HonestDeals of false advertising and fraud, upon which Walmart refunded my money as "billing error". I do not understand how Walmart still has them as a third-party seller on their website. I am still considering legal action against HonestDeals. Someone has got to stop them. Wish there was e zero-star option.

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It has been a week and my order has not even shipped yet.

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Sorry to hear about your bad experience with DIS-HONESTDEALS. What a joke. I did a little research because the price of the Garmin I was going to purchase from these jokers was priced considerably lower than at other retailers. As I suspected, it was too good to be true!! What a bunch of scammers!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review!! It prevented someone from getting scammed! Thank God for reviews!!

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These sellers are frauds - they send you refurbished items and pretend like they are new. I'm not stupid.

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Ordered Jabra Elite Active earbuds from these fraudsters. They were marked as new, but came an a white unmarked box and no original packaging. These are clearly refurbished. This seller should be removed from I wish I could give them 0 stars. Next step is contacting Walmart corporate.

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Same story that has been repeated here over and over. Ordered a Garmin GPS from Walmart through HONESTDEALS, a shipping label was created and then nothing was shipped. I was buying as a gift and a delayed delivery was not an option. In my case Walmart gave me a full refund without any trouble. At this point Walmart must know that at best this company is unreliable and at worst a scam. They are still operating on the Walmart website with bogus delivery dates. I do not understand why Walmart has not stopped associating with this company.

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We ordered a Trucker's GPS during Covid-19. Delivery due June 16th. On June 15th, it was not showing as even shipped. Below are the emails received and our replies. Notice the lack of punctuation, the misspellings and the lies. On June 16th after initial contact, Walmart site changed from not shipped to shipped. The USPS only showed a label created but no package delivered to USPS. On June 17th, it changed to "Delayed" and still usps did not show as receiving the package. Walmart associates could see this as well and that is why they issued my refund - Which by the way - I received almost immediately.

Initial contact - June 16th:

Item: Garmin dezl 570LMT 5" Truck GPS Navigation Lifetime Map/Traffic Updates Case Bundle - Includes 5" Truck GPS Navigation System, Nuvi 5 inch Protect, Stow and Carry Soft Case and Cleaning Cloth


This product is due EOD Today - No response from Seller. shows "shipped" but shows that the label was printed but the package has not been picked up. My husband needs this product and you are not providing what you promised.

HOTDEALS reply - June 16th

thank you for contacting us i do apologize about that delay caused by usps due to the pandemic they are concentrating on delivering essentials first since not many people leaving there houses to shop and online sales has rocketed and everyone short staffed please allow until friday or saturday and you sure to receive it , thank you for your patience

My reply - June 17th (after 2nd call to Walmart):

We have already cancelled through Walmart. This product IS Essential. My husband is a Truck Driver and needs it to make deliveries.

The fact is ? you lied on by saying it shipped when USPS said it has been sent out. That makes you a less than reputable company. I will find it locally. Than you

HOTDEALS reply - June 17th:

honestkly just hate when people just accuse and say you lied without even caring about the real world we living in rioting pandemic all out the window and dont care about it just blame the seller saying lied after we are risking our lives working while 90% percent off the population is not working and just rioting and looting , im sorry you feel this way but we didnot lie and it did get delayed by usps since its not essential the last time i checked essentials are not made up by me but the government which at this time there is no law and order either but thats another issue we living in , anyway the order was not canceled and it shipped

My Reply - June 18th:

Thank you for your barely coherent email. Per, the order is listed as ?Delayed? and ?just shipped? as of yesterday. Per, ?A shipping label has been prepared for your item at 1:54 am on June 10, 2020 in BROOKLYN, NY 11230. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date.? This is a direct copy from the site.

Please don?t try to garner sympathy with the ?risking your lives working? line. My husband is a truck driver who has risked his life daily to deliver goods to Walmart, Publix and other essential services since this all began. You are in a warehouse shipping orders. He is out there daily concerned with riots that shut down highways and going to stores that have been reported as being ?mobbed? and looted.

Your verbal attacks are not considered good customer service. Your emails don?t even include capital letters or proper punctuation. If I were to receive this type of email unsolicited, I would assume that it was spam or a phishing attempt.

I just got off the phone with Walmart. My refund is on the way.

Have a great day

HOTDEALS reply June 18th at 9:13pm

yes i wish i drive a truck which im sorry but not a risk alone in a truck no one next too that is not risky but ok i guess accordion to you it is but at the end of the day a gps is not considered to be essential and not up to me but usps , thank you

End of communications.

I assure you that all of the above are direct copies of both their and my replies. These people are incapable of customer service. They have no clue. If I had received these emails unsolicited, I would have marked them as SPAM. Can I give them a zero???

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Don't take my money and not send my product...

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These people are a nightmare. The first Garmin GPS that I had purchased from Walmart through" HONESTDEALS" came in a generic white box. I was always suspicious that it may have been a refurbished unit, but it worked fine with no issues, so I let it go. Recently, I purchased another Garmin GPS the same way, and it too came in a generic white box. After about 30 days, it developed a software issue and I contacted Garmin. They could not resolve it and determined that the unit was defective and would send me another one. The Garmin representative then asked for the serial number and told me that it was a refurbished unit with no warranty left. I contacted Walmart and explained to them the best that I could what had transpired. They in turn had "HONESTDEALS" contact me. They sent an email that was so nefarious in nature that I did not want to deal with them. I ordered the same model again at Walmart through Walmart. I may have to eat the first one because I did not respond to their nefariously written email. I really don't care. Walmart"s customer service is superb, and I don't understand why they would allow a third party seller destroy their reputation like that. I have a lot of respect for Walmart as a business, and will continue to shop there. I blame myself for ignoring the first red flag, a name like "HONESTDEALS". C'mon. Don't be fooled by the one star in the rating, no option given for negative stars. They sell refurbished as new and think nothing of it. Nice huh!

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I was attempting to order something online and my cart kept defaulting back to HONESTDEALS as the seller. I considered letting it go, but read the HONESTLY bad reviews! I attempted to cancel my order which still said processing and got a snarky remark back from customer service!!! They seem very unprofessional and don't seem to care about customer satisfaction! If I could give them a half star, I would! Never again! Should've listened to my gut and cancelled it before this happened!!! Do not order from here!

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