Based on 6 customer reviews Look Away LLC is rated 1.2 out of 5. They have been selling on Walmart Marketplace since 2019. They sell LALLC, WODSTYLE LLC, LALLC-Kids, LALLLC and Tangle products in Clothing, Home and Party & Occasions categories.

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Ordered 2 shirts in my regular size. They are from China and are at least THREE sizes too small. Can’t return them to WalMart. When I tried to send a message through “Start a Return,” I got an error message and the message could not be sent. WalMart, you really should look into this “company” and sooner rather than later! I am out $23.00, which, if able to return items to your store, I would have ended up spending AT YOUR STORE while still there after the return - even if returned to a gift card. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! I am extremely hesitant to place an online order from WalMart in the future. **NOTE** I have spent $440.00 JUST THIS YEAR through WalMart online. Guess I’ll be changing ALL my purchases to Amazon. -5 out 5 stars. Although couldn’t send review without choosing at least one star.

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Mesh Breathable Sneakers Walking Running Sports Gym Shoes

Received my shoes in the mail today. It took a week after placing the order so the shipping time wasn't bad. I was disappointed once I saw how cheaply they were made and that there was no support on the sole of the shoes. They need some kind of insert in order to make them a little more comfortable. The size I ordered fit true to size. The color and style was exactly as shown in the picture. I haven't worn them yet but plan on wearing them to work in the morning.

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To add on my information that was posted.

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LOOK AWAY! The warning is in the name of the 'company'. This is not a legitimate company.

The company email address is an @yahoo for a Harlan Jean CD the person who will contact you regarding issues is a "Georgia Coral"

The phone number is from South Carolina and is not registered to either individuals or the company and actually goes to a Law Firm .

The companies listed associated with them are registered in Phoenix, AZ with their HQ being 850 Cherry Ave, San Bruno CA (Walmart Headquarters) or random condos in California.

The return address they send you is for Amanda Bullers 1745 silver creek Rd. Johnsonburg PA 15845-3113

(Who does not exist)


I bought some sandals that were shipped from China, then when I tried them on, they were too small. I contacted to initiate a return and was followed up by email by a "Georgia Coral" to please explain my issue. I stated that they did not fit and I would like to return them for a full refund. She promptly offered me $8 and to keep the too small item. I said that that is not nearly enough for what I paid and would like a full refund and to just return the item. Georgia insisted that shipping would cost too much and that I would have to pay for shipping. I asked for a return address so I may get a shipping quote and didn't hear from her for several days. I asked for an update and 24 hours later she stated that she'd like to offer me 17$ and let me keep the item. I declined and stated I would really just prefer to return the item and get a full refund. Several days went by and I didn't hear anything, I asked for an update twice in about a week timespan and after the second request for an update, she started the return process over again "Hi Customer, please explain your issue and I'll help"

I immediately replied and said that I request a full refund, I am not going to start the conversation over again that this has been going on for far too long. Please refund the full amount. She provided the address to Amanda Bullers 1745 silver creek Rd. Johnsonburg PA 15845-3113 and I immediately contacted Walmart's online chat service and after explaining all of this to them was given a full refund for the amount.

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I order some wedges July 29,2019 from Walmart and I still haven’t gotten them and it appears that it’s on the way but I haven’t got them yet

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Purchased from this company thru Walmart-item ran very small, returned to Walmart-and have been waiting 10 days for refund-still nothing, will not order thru them again.

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