Based on 47 customer reviews HURRISE SPORTS LLC is rated 1.0 out of 5. They have been selling on Walmart Marketplace since 2017. They sell Zaqw, Doact, HURRISE, Ymiko and Sonew products in Home, Home Improvement and Auto & Tires categories.

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this company should NOT be allowed to sell their products at Walmart. I am a stock holder. I am embarrassed that we are doing business with them. When asked for a return they give the customer the run-around.. giving the customer an offer of $20.00 to keep the product then $35.00 to keep the 100 plus product. In other words they wont return the products!! Already spoke to two customer relations service personnel Juliean in Columbia and Brenda in the USA ( wont give me location! ) I repeat, why are we doing business with this terrible company? They pull our "bar" down.

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Would give -stars if I could. WRONG DELIVERY ADDRESS. Requested refund from Walmart. Walmart agreed.


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This company is a major scam and shame on Wal-Mart for not banning this company as their third market retailer! Wal-Mart has assured me they’ll investigate and give me a refund. These people sell things and ship the product to another place other than the customer and then they don’t answer their phones. I hope they put them all in jail for running this scam.

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Going through this Hell now. Should have looked up company first!!!!!!! Do NOT use this company

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Wanted to seem like you were getting more. Thought going through Walmart you could trust this order. But boy was I wrong but some of it is my fault for not reading the reviews. Not sure I will be using Walmart online anymore

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Ordered a laser tattoo removal pain for $60 and like everybody else it was shipped to a different city which means it never existed anyway. Call Walmart they cannot contact the company by phone and said they send an email. they said the company will have to reimburse me and now I can see I will never get my money back so I am filing legal action as well. Good job Walmart for letting this scam artist rip off hundreds of people

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I had similar issues they delivered it to a wrong address called the number 3 times I finally got the product now my kids toys are acting real funny screen blinking on n off screen going white I'm not sure wat to do my aunt paid for these items n if I return them my kids wont have there toy this company is horrible

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This company is trying to scam me out of my $29.98 I paid for a jewelry box. It said order would be to me by 23rd of December. Then when I check out it says delivered on Dec.30th. What bullcrap is that. I called Walmart & they guaranteed me to cancel my order & refund my money. Then I received a message from the company saying sorry but we already shipped it out. The tracking # said shipped from New Castle DE. I told them I want my money back because they lied. Their has been no movement on the tracking & they got back to me and said it was being shipped from a location further away then DE and to expect it on the 30th. My son bought this for me for Christmas not for whenever they get around to it & they lied about shipping because the tracking says shipped from Delaware but their claiming it's coming from somewhere else? Where is that? They won't say so I'm calling my bank back today to reverse charges back to my card so I can go in a store and just buy one. Listen to everyone THIS CO. ARE SCAMMERS. & IF MY SON FOUND OUT HE'D GIVE THEM HELL.

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Contacted customer service - 1-800-925-6278

spoke with "Alex" (if you read this Alex, thank you sweetheart)

Notified her of the situation about this drop shipper, was able to receive an immediate refund.


Email sent to seller/ drop shipper thru contact shipper option (COPY PASTE - REDACTIONS MADE)

We've contacted HURRISE SPORTS LLC on your behalf. Someone from their team will contact you within 24 hours.

Sales Order ID: 0000000000000 (REDACTED)

Item ID: 0000000000 (REDACTED)



package shipped to wrong address - service provider "FEDEX" has joint agreement with "USPS" enjoy your federal offence charge - just filed for drop shipping fraud also you can thank for providing all the evidence for several cases now opened by me over $13.00 of product that was never shipped.

Thank you,

Walmart Customer Service Team

Email from customer service (COPY PASTE - REDACTIONS MADE)


Thanks for your recent purchase from our Marketplace Retailer. An adjustment in the amount of $13.15 has been made to this order. See below for details.

If any of your items have already shipped, you will receive a refund for the adjusted amount for those items.

Order number: 0000000000000 (REDACTED)


— Your Walmart Customer Care Team

Adjustment details - HURRISE SPORTS LLC

Item Adjustment Reason



Total Adjustment: -$13.15

Well it worked out really good for me, and not so good for all of you below, and as for the shipper... well.. his nightmare is just began...

(drop shipper if you read this)- I am only getting started mf.

I have taken it upon my self to dish out some major payback for all the people you have screwed.... you may be asking yourself -why? really over $13.00?

the answer is simple, here in America jack there are few things you don't screw with, peoples money, peoples time, and.... a guy who is privately contracted for the government.... yes.. yes.. you did.

After all the several local, state, and federal agencies get done taking there turns on you, I will be last. I play real dirty. enjoy the hell I just unleashed on you on behalf of all the hard working customers you screwed for the past few years.

I hope all of you who have gotten scammed read this and get some enjoyment, closure and sleep better knowing that somewhere a scammer is praying to his god that the nightmare just stops and goes away.. - which it wont.. lmfao

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Go to the United States Postal Inspection Service website (link below) and file a complaint

scroll down and select "Mail Fraud"

if your package was sent by another carrier FedEx, Dhl, etc. contact them first and ask them if the USPS assisted with the delivery. there is a secondary code that gets attached to your tracking number if the USPS assists with your package from a different carrier.

even if the USPS did not assist with the delivery of your package you ordered from this company File a report anyway.

"relevant legal proceedings; to law enforcement when the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) or requesting agency becomes aware of a violation of law; to a congressional office at your request; to entities or individuals under contract with USPS (service providers); to entities authorized to perform audits; to labor organizations as required by law; to federal, state, local or foreign government agencies regarding personnel matters; to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; to the Merit Systems Protection Board or Office of Special Counsel; to the public, news media, trade associations, or organized groups for USPS public interest purposes; to a federal, state, local or foreign prison, probation, parole, or pardon authority or to any other agency involved with the maintenance, transportation, or release of a person held in custody; and to a foreign country to the extent necessary to assist such country in apprehending or returning a fugitive to its jurisdiction."

-Nothing stops the mail.

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Order delivered to address in another city! Same has happened to other people, from what I can see from reviews. Thumbs down!!!

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Ordered some nerf type toy guns for my nephews. They delivered it to wrong address. Called and spoke with some guy that barely knew English. Issue never got resolved.

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Ordered a tv stand. Came in a plastic bag containing what was left of the box. Looks like it was attacked by a rabid dog. Parts missing. I am surprised and disappointed that wal mart uses them as a supplier. one star is too good for them, but there is not a lower option.

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Ordered my wife a camera. It was delivered 200 miles away from my house. Now theyre giving me the runaround about giving my money back. Have to dispute it with my bank in the morning. DO NOT order from them. An absolute scam.

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I ordered a toilet seat. It was never delivered and there is no contact info or anywhere you can request a refund.

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I ordered a toilet seat. It was never delivered and there is no contact info or anywhere you can request a refund.

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Complete scam and rediculous customer service I paid 137 dollars for expedited shipping on a 60 dollar item and was promised it would be here Tuesday the 26th and then track pkg and now it says Friday the 29th this is completely unacceptable and I cannot believe Wal-Mart allows their name to be smeared by this shit company upon calling the customer service they act like everything is kosher and stated they’ll have a manager email me lmfao give me my shipping money back you crooks !!!!! I could have got free shipping and received it 2 days later than the 29th but I needed it by Wednesday the 27th so I paid the 137 dollars for no damn reason

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Totally screwed up company, sends items to wrong address. No way for customer to contact them. Will NEVER knowliny order ANYTHING from them again.

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I'm still waiting for my order and by reading the reviews I probably won't receive it! I to will report this to the Indiana Attorney General!

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Bought an Item from these people and wanted a refund before it was even shipped out;

They sent me an email stating that the "Postman" already had it! I have contacted the New York State Attorney general office and I am in the process of commencing legal action against them and Walmart! I will also be contacting the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York to also look into their deceptive practices.

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