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Bought a "new" camera that failed in less than a year. Sent it for warranty service which was not available since the camera was not "new" as represented but "refurbished." My opinion of Walmart, for hosting and profiting from this so-called Honestdeals, could not be lower. My business is going elsewhere. Wish I could give both the vendor and Walmart less than one star since it is more than either deserve.

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Please pay attention to the feedback for this outside seller HonestDeals. They are scamming the customers. They are selling refurbished items as new. I received one that just plain did not work at all. When I returned it they charged me a restocking fee and a shipping fee. For a defective item? Here is my communication with them.


This item I purchased from you DID NOT WORK. IT WAS DEFECTIVE. Why in the world was I charged shipping and a restocking fee to come out of my refund? Please correct this and refund me the entire $183.

Their Reply: the item was brand new and in factory sealed box and even when we received it back you made up a return reason to avoid being charged a restocking fee after falsely saying its defective the unit is working just as suppose to , thank you

They are flat out lying. The item was not in a factory box. It was in a plain white box taped shut. And it did NOT work.

I wish Walmart posted the sellers reviews along side each product they are selling, like eBay does. I only found these reviews AFTER I looked into returning my defective GPS.

Walmart customer service was not much help. Just told me that is the seller's policy and gave me a $25 gift card. Didn't even cover the almost $40 the seller deducted from my refund.


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ordered a garmin 4 days ago, still not shipped, never order from walmart nor honest deals, neither are honest

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Please run away from this seller if you find yourself buying through them. I want to give them zero or negative star :(

I purchased a new GPS watch and got a watch in the white box in a bubble wrap. When I contacted them about this, below is the reply I got. This is such a rude response for a customer query and shows how they are. I wonder why Walmart still uses them. Please Please Please don't buy anything through this seller. Save your time and money.

"hello we are sorry you had to return the item we shipped to you in brand new condition but used it and then figured let me say its not brand new only to receive a full refund but the unit in fact is new and in the retail box dont know how you figure its refurbished you might wanna google refurbished garmin box before you assume and accuse a big seller like us , we always sell what we advertise , have a nice day "

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DON'T BUY from this "business". Same as the other reviewers, I bought what was advertised as a "new" camera but it came in a plain white box with no manual. I suspected it was used so I contacted Nikon. They confirmed it was REFURBISHED! They are scammers! Do not buy from "DIS"HONESTDEALS!!! Fortunately Walmart got involved and got my money back!

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Sent me a refurbished Nikon D5500 camera, I am being charged a re-stocking fee for a returned item that was sold as new, and is NOT new!! It is a refurbished item that came without a warranty or box or manual, and the serial number that shows it is refurbished, even though it was listed as a NEW camera!! I have the paperwork to prove this on my order. This gift purchase is the worst buying experience I have ever had and they have refused to reimburse my TOTAL amount spent of $649.99. They sent a fraudulently advertised camera, and now deny that it was refurbished, and are charging me a $97.50 restocking fee and $6.99 shipping. They sent this exact response to me "you were charged a restocking fee because you received a brand new unit but falsly accused us not to be have a nice day ". They are scam artists, and cant even construct a professional response. I intend to continue to try and get Walmart involved to get my full refund.

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My wife bought me a new $800 drone on Black Friday, wrapped it placed it under the tree till Christmas day. Opened it to find a nick out of the chassis and less than impressive materials used for packing. No internal plastic cores to keep things from moving around. I asked if she had purchased refurb (not against it, just wanted to know) and she almost burst into tears. We contacted the "HonestDeals" seller via email to arrange a return, got a prompt response. Stated that we registered the item's serial number and flew the drone improperly for 5 hours. We should contact the manufacturer for warranty and not bother the seller.

Fortunately, contacted WalMart and got a full refund. Do yourself a favor and avoid Dis"HonestDeals".

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I ordered a GPS and it doesnt fit or the cam was not working correctly. So i returned it right away , only to get charged 50 USD in addition to the shipping back fee i paid . Basically I lost 60 or 70 $ on an item which cost 170 USD. Never thought Walmart will work with such sellers . Not every one is bad as i ordered a laptop before thorough some 3rd party supplier and i needed some support on that. They were helped me with it to resolve issues. But Honest Deal is definetly a Worst Seller . Stay away . In addition to this bad experience , they generate a order as if they delivered another GPS which never arrived. Some kind of Inventory fraud they are doing. Also that matched this charged amount too. Total Fraud

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They are scam artists. They send refurbished units out that are listed as new. They know that they’re refurbished too. They come in a plain white box and Garmin verified that the unit was refurbished.

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Be aware of this seller!!!! I would give them zero star if I could. Their description shows this is a new unit. But I received a GPS in a white box. When I question to seller................. Please see their answer Below. Btw, Garmin customer support confirmed that I bought a refurbished GPS.

Email to seller from me (buyer):

"On the product website said this is a new item. But I received a white box, not in retail box. I believe this is an refurbished item. I hope you just shipped wrong item to me. If it's an refurbished GPS, you should mention on the description. I will need to return this item if its not brand new."

Replied by seller:

"hello the unit we shipped is brand new and in box and sealed in the box with a garmin seal and has a one year warranty from garmin you can register the unit on garmin site to see its brand new refurbished unit comes in a refurbished garmin black and white box and printed all over the box refurbished also when you turn the unit on it will display a massage saying refurbished unit , if you dont wish to keep it we can gladly take it back and you can purchase it for retail price of 179.99 plus tax , thank you "

From me again:

"What is the difference between your new GPS in white box and the new GPS in retail box?"

Answer from Seller:

"only difference is the price when its being sold under map price of 179 it comes that way , thank you"

Email received from Garmin customer support team:

"Hello Jeff,

The serial number lists this as a refurbished device in our database. We do warranty our refurbished models the same as new models (one-year).

myGarmin™ Admin

4F8039123 3946371261 010-N1539-01 DriveSmart 50 NA LMT,Refurbished Mar 9, 2018

Thank you for choosing Garmin,


Product Support - Automotive Team

Garmin International"

From me to seller:

"The information below was from Garmin customer support. Please email me the return label. I need a full refund."


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Beware of this outfit. I bought a camera that was supposed to be new and under warranty. When it came, it was in a generic box. But it did appear to be new and so I used it. When it failed after a short time, I was unable to submit a warranty claim to the manufacturer because there was no warranty code (bar code) on the box as required. I tried to contact "Honest" Deals several times, and they refused to respond. Walmart was no better - unlike Amazon they will not help you out when one of their sellers rips you off.

So now I'm stuck with a $250 paperweight.

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