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Just an update on my Gullebica’s review 11/17/22.

In all fairness Gullebica refunded the cost of the item few days after posting the review above. Magically they figured out how to issue a refund.

With that said I maintain my 1- star rating for giving me a run around for four weeks. Gullebica you ranked my worst online experience ever!

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My experience with Gullebica is a total waste of time and money. All I got is run around in trying to return an item that is not compatible for use in the US. They seem sincere in their effort to do a refund but three weeks later of delay and excuses NO REFUND was issued. They now ceased to return all emails, phone calls and text.

This is an international online retailer that claims to have a warehouse in Tucker Georgia USA, Spain and Austria. In search of a TP-Link MR600 LTE router I went ahead and purchased with this company. All the specs that I was looking for to use as a failover router matching the TP-Link wifi router in my network and there’s a US cell phone number 407.545.3685 which is Florida area code.

It took several days after the purchase online with no confirmation that it is shipped, so I started asking questions where the router is coming from and if it is compatible for use in the US. Got no response to my questions and then got notified that it’s on the way and tracking number will be provided soon.

I paid for the shipping that originated from Valencia, Spain. When the router was delivered I noticed right away that the picture of the router does not match the item on their website. The adapter plug to start with is not compatible with our standard outlet which to me is a minor issue since it requires 12V/1.5A and I already have another TP-Link wifi router adapter.

It’s a newer version of MR600 which is probably good but per TP-Link support it is not configured for use in the US and will not work with any 4G/LTE provider in the US.

Needless to say I contacted Gullebica about the router issue which is not usable here in the US. I offered to pay for the shipping back and just need to know where to return the item. Gullebicas reply was “we will notify you where to ship” and left me hanging for several days. Ten days later after demanding where to ship via phone call and email, on Oct 31 I was notified by Gullebica support that cancellation and refund process should be completed in 2-5 days. It was odd since they did not provide any return address for the item. So I waited for 5 days and no refund was issued back to my Visa.

So basically I got another excuse this time a text from Gubellica after leaving them a voice mail. Gullebica’s excuse again there was an issue with a refund policy and will do another research. 2 days later I was texted that refund has been initiated but it did not pass a policy check and sent the refund request back for confirmation. This time the refund should be completed Tuesday Nov 15 which is another lie.

Almost four weeks now with no refund, Gullebica no longer have the decency to return my phone calls nor reply to my text. So hopefully US residents learn from my experience with Gullebica which also sells items via Walmart online.

As far as my search for failover 4G/LTE router, Cudy LT500 works for me from Amazon. Plug and play with AT&T sim card. Also with detachable antenna for other configuration possibilities.

Despite all the so called policy on Gullebica’s website about their customer service..DONT FALL FOR IT

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