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This company said my item was

Delivered Wed, Sep 15

Can't find your package?

Shipped by E1EVEN21 LLC

Wed, Sep 15

11:53 am

Delivered. Left in lobby/vestibule. Signature service not requested.


5:16 am

On FedEx vehicle for delivery.

Do you see where the package was delivered and left?

I do not have a lobby/vestibule.

I reside in Pvt. Home

Today the company wrote saying item was delivered on Sept. 9th.

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My package supposedly arrived according to Wal Mart and someone signed for it with a different last name. We look at tax rolls and found someone a half mile away... It wasn't there... Wal Mart also told us to call the company and the number they gave us went straight to voicemail... it didn't even have the company name on it... I sent an email to the address given me by Wal Mart and I am not holding my breathe. Wal Mart also says they called them and they said they would be in touch. Well if Wal Mart is able to talk to them, then Wal Mart needs to shut down this mess or help solve this problem. Wal Mart obviously knows there are issues so they need to step up and do their part in policing this supplier. FedEx has started their investigation but I don't think anything will come of that. They have already sent instructions on when and to file a missing package report. It's like they know already. So I join the rest of the victims, but I hold Wal Mart responsible I bought it from them. They are who shows up on my credit card! Sam Walton would not stand for this! One Star because I can't give them a missing one or none!

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Same exact problem as everyone else that has left a review. My package was delivered to another address in a different city. Contacted Walmart and complaint sent to seller who then emails me that package will be delivered on a different day and that they confused my order with someone else's. This makes no sense. I will be requesting a refund and placing complaint on BBB. Don't trust this seller!

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I had the same experience as Cynthia. FedEx said my package was delivered but in a city 100 miles away! I looked at the tracking on FedEx's website and it said that the package was being sent from Reno to Boise, not the town where I live. That leads me to believe the package never had my address on it, it was addressed to some address in Boise. So definitely the seller, not FedEx that is the problem here. Not sure exactly what scam they are running, but something is definitely not right and Wal-Mart needs to stop allowing them as a seller or their website. I am pursuing a refund through Wal-Mart and if that doesn't work, I will pursue it through PayPal and my credit card. The worst part is this was a gift for my son to take to a birthday party in a few days and now he's going to have to go empty handed. :(

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FedEx says this seller is Fraudulent. I ordered through them on and my tracking number was linked to a package stating from Herbalife and shipped to a different address than mine. Don't trust E1EVEN21 LLC. They do not respond to customer inquiries.

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