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Placed an order on November 29th and payed extra for it to arrive by December 4th. It is now December 4th and my order has not even shipped out yet. Absolute trash heap of a company.

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They rate negative rating if that were possible, a minus 100!!! I bought Student Office 2019 for MAC from them via WALMART. Spent hours with microsoft tech trying to download and install software using the product key they provided. Was unsuccessful so they assigned a Microsoft Level 2 tech to help me. The first thing he did was ask me for the Product key, he checked and said that the key was not for a Mac but for windows. Another key provided me by BMS was also invalid and for a foreign country only. I have been trying for over three weeks to get a refund from BMS or Walmart for over three weeks with no success, just run arounds. Avoid Walmart and this vendor!!!!

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Still fighting with Walmart to reimburse my full amount since the vendor stated "We issued full refund right away, if you don’t see it all you are welcome to contact Walmart (Once again) and see where is the hold up is."

BMS is simply trash, they did a partial refund and making me jump through hoops to be reimbursed.

I've spoken to Microsoft and Walmart. Hopefully someone will investigate BMS for their illegal activities.

DO NOT BUY FROM BMS. They are disrespectful slimeballs.

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Found that the seller is not selling digital codes as they claim. I called them out on this and they were hostile towards my findings and would not refund my money though they kept saying, if you want your refund just let us know. I WANT MY REFUND. I spoke with Walmart and they could care less. Walmart said a manager will be emailing me. I have yet to hear from anyone on Walmart's end.

I would advise staying well AWAY from BMS Innovations Inc. At best they are misleading, at worst they are selling non-valid codes which could be blocked at any time.

I bought Office 2019 - ****The codes can not be associated to your account.*** This is a clear indicator that they are selling illegal codes.

I also spent time calling Microsoft (Microsoft Store Sales and Customer Support: 1-877-696-7786) to verify if they are an authorized reseller. They have no record of BMS Innovations Inc. being a reseller.

Be prepared to dispute your purchase with your credit card company. Hope this helps others before they buy.

Spend a little more and buy directly rather than from them.

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I ordered from them as well and they said it was delivered and it wasn't!!! Now I'm trying to recoup the money and order somewhere else.

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On the 4th of February I ordered Turbo Tax through Walmart. Immediately upon receiving confirmation, I discovered that I had mistakenly ordered TurboTax 2018. So I immediately cancelled the order. Walmart sent me an email telling me that they had forwarded my cancellation request to BMS Innovations and that I would be contacted by BMS Innovations withing 24 hours. I was not, so I contacted Walmart again and they again said that they had forwarded my cancellation request to BMS Innovations and that I would be contacted by BMS Innovations withing 24 hours. I have still not been contacted by BMS Innovations. I have called the number provided (318-386-6062) and they do not answer. I have emailed the email address they provided ([email protected]) and they have not responded. On the 5th of February Walmart sent me a notice that the Turbo Tax had shipped and that I could track the shipment. The USPS tracking site shows (still) that the order has been delayed. I did not receive anything or I could have returned it. I'm wondering of BMS Innovations lack of response is because they have gone out of business. If not, be warned. Do not do business with this disreputable company. Help them to GO OUT OF BUSINESS!

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Ordered Windows 10 pro

32/64 bit.

Feb. 20, 2020

Hasn't shown up March 23, 2020.

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6/2019—I ordered a Office 365, from Walmart online then I received it from BMS Innovations Company, I tried to install it. But I got a notification, “ This product key has already been used”. By another Office active account.

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Sold me a used product key. I agree with James. Walmart should be ashamed to allow someone like this to sell using its store as a vehicle to deceive.

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I bought software from BMS and was promised it would be delivered on the 21th of DEC. When I needed it, didn't come until the 23rd DEC. I canceled the order now they want to charge me a $40.00 plus tax RESTOCKING FEE..

You were late on delivering the Item so why should I have to pay a fee.

I will Never buy from BMS or

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Seller passed off used product as new. When I complained they said they'd send a new one out and a tracking number. I got no tracking number and no new one. They sent it a picture from amazon showing a box sitting on my clue when it got there or if someone could have stolen it. This seller should have sent me a tracking number at the very minimum and should not have tried to sell me a used product as new. Will NEVER buy from this person again.

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Bought a tax preparation software from them. over 1 month later it hasn't arrived and it shows it never arrived at the USPS facility for shipping. Multiple messages sent, one through the WalMart website, the other via direct email and still no response. I need to see if this is a charge I can contest.

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Good Luck on contacting this guy. Is this guy a scam?? Buyer beware!!!!!!

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