Based on 4 customer reviews 911BOULDERRIDGE LLC is rated 1.0 out of 5 stars. They have been selling on Walmart Marketplace since 2021.

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This company and others like aj gear present themselves as third party sellers in Walmart market place. They are total scams. Like others they send fake fed-ex shipping track numbers. You never receive your package. Total scam. And why Walmart doesn't do anything beats me. Buyer beware! I would put no stars if they had a choice

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They take your money and never send the product!!

They use fictitious FedX tracking #, which is really tied into UPS, which has no tracking info. tied to the item that was allegedly shipped....

Shame on Walmart for endorsing this company!!

Notify law enforcement, banking institution and Walmart!!

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Worst company ever. I've contacted Walmart and this marketplace seller. They claim the item was delivered; however, my security cameras show that no one came to my home. I called FedEx and they said the tracking number that was given to me is not in my name or address. The seller maintains that the package was delivered. They are no longer responding to my emails. I called the seller; their recording states that they can only be contacted by email. I have requested a efund via email. I've gotten no answer. DON'T ORDER FROM THIS SELLER!

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911 Boulder Ridge is clearly operating a scam. My order was not shipped after several days. when I inquired with the company, I was emailed back telling me that the item was damaged and so they were refunding my order. Just 2 hours later, I was provided with a tracking number indicating that the package had been shipped several hours earlier. The tracking indicated that it was being delivered to my city (a very small rural town). I figured something might have changed, so I emailed them back and they stuck to the "refund" story. It was then that I noticed that the package tracking said it was a 2 pound package when I had ordered something that was over 100 pounds. I was very suspicious, but waited for it to arrive. It turned out that it was delivered to some other address and signed for by someone I did not know. Furthermore the fedex information indicated it was a return. I firmly believe that the package being sent was money from someone that was being scammed and that it was picked up by a mule worker in my area. I also suspect that I have not heard the last from this company. My "refund" was not a refund but rather an adjustment to the price which means the order on appears valid and complete rather than being refunded.

DO NOT BUY FROM 911BoulderRidge

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